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I think that in the 70s we wore brighter colours and were able to get away with it as we were young...I remember us younger lads looking at the Brutus tartan shirts ( some very gaudy) and thinking that they looked great.I remember an extremely colourful Jaeger jumper and an elderly aunt saying something like "wear clothes like that whilst your young ".Nowadays I prefer a more subtle look and that's why as I said before I only wear one bright or patterned item at any one time.
Very happy at the moment as my lovely GF has bought me an Orvis Harrington as a valentines gift. Heavy material and as Botolph mentioned they are cut rather large, I was able to get into a Medium despite putting on some weight due to injury and illness preventing me from training lately. Although I think that it is to expensive and I wouldn't have bought it ( that's why she bought it for me as a gift) I do think that its a great jacket.
On shirt sleeves,I used to roll mine up to the elbow but I haven't for many years now,if long sleeves I button them up,if its very warm I wear a short sleeve shirt.
Thanks for all the replies about belts,some interesting views. I liked Mr Knightleys woven leather belt idea for wearing with jeans and I will keep an eye out for one. Obviously 99.999999% of people will not notice if my belt doesn't match my shoes,in fact they wouldn't notice if I used a piece of string as a belt. I suppose that we dress for our own satisfaction ? and perhaps that's why we are on Styleforum.
Belts..now I will admit to being a bit obsessive about matching belts to shoes,its ok with black,a black trouser belt and a black jeans belt and that's it. Every time I buy a pair of brown shoes however it then involves a search for 2 belts to match them. I bought a pair of cherry grain Barker brogues in the sales and they are yet another shade of brown to my other shoes/ belts..so looking around I noticed that Barker make belts to match their shoes ( trouser belts not...
I think that you made a good choice by not wearing the BD Mr Knightley.Although I think that the BD would look great with your blazer,POW trousers and  your Florsheim longwings,it would have been to retro (IMO),and yet how many people would think that now ?,I think that 99.9% of the population would only think of Dr Martens as skinhead footwear,maybe I have got a bit to sensitive on this subject.On the other hand I came face to face with a middle aged ( being kind here)...
I have been thinking about this picture a lot this week.Although not really breaking my 'only 2 skinhead items at the same time' rule,I think that it is a bit to 'skinhead' for me.I reckon that the Harrington and plain BD would be ok if the Harrington didn't have the tartan lining showing,its just to much for me,a check BD would be much to much,all IMO as usual.
After Clouseau posted the picture of his Brutus shirt I spent some time looking for a plain Brutus online. I found that they make an OCBD ( plain and striped ),I thought that it looked good (of course it seems to be out of stock everywhere). I don't remember a Brutus OCBD 'back in the day',they were popular for their bright checks / tartans,and I remember them in bright red and also black,I would say they were more popular with younger teenagers here.
I also saw a couple of nice BD shirts today,Gant Diamond G. The logo was a 'G' but tonal with the shirt,I had to put my glasses on to see it ( that doesn't mean a lot though). Only long sleeves but regular or fitted and in OCBD or a lighter weight cotton,the OCBD had pockets the lightweights didn't. The website shows pink,white and light blue,but I saw a yellow one in the lightweight cotton that reminded me of an Arnold Palmer that I had 'back in the day'. I notice...
Thanks Clouseau, I find that picture brilliant,such a simple look.
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