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I have enjoyed your posts as you seem more interested in the casual side of the Look. I have a couple of questions for you,in one of your pictures you showed some longwing brogues,they looked like the AE Macneil in walnut ? what do you wear them with ? and as those shoes are still made and sold do you see them being worn very often ? and what sort of person wears them these days ?.
Certainly not chav like,very neat and casual.I personally prefer a plain shirt,but I think that your chukka boots are a much better choice than desert boots,I said as much to a friend last week he was thinking of Clarks desert boots and I said what about the Loake Kempton / Herring Gosforth in suede with a dainite sole ?.The only problem with suede for me is that we get so many wet days when suede isn't as good as leather,you don't have that problem so its a great choice.
I always tie a Half Windsor,yes with a BD or any other shirt that I have worn,I think that the Windsor is too big ( for my liking) . To me the Half Windsor looks 'sharp'.because its symmetrical I suppose. I do agree that it would have to suit the shirt,I have never owned a shirt with a cutaway collar,I hadn't thought about the tie suiting the face shape.   That's a nice Crombie but as you say for smart wear only,as I want to one for casual wear as well I agree that...
Half Windsor for me,I like the symmetry of it,I like it to be fairly small and I tend to pinch the bottom of the knot in,the other thing it lets me do is to leave my top shirt button undone and when I pull the tie knot in tighter it doesn't show ( that the buttons not done up).I know that some people frown on the Half Windsor or the Windsor for various reasons but I have always been  happy with it and I feel that it fits in to the Look. I had a look around at other...
Yes that's it,brown leather an ugly thing but gives your shoulders some protection and your arms freedom of movement,so ideal for binmen or coalmen...thinking about it I remember seeing the PVC shouldered Donkey jackets with the sleeves cut off too.
I know that Millwall games on a Saturday kicked off at 3.15 ( instead of 3.00), when I googled Millwall 3.15 kick offs it says that until 1970 Millwall had permission from the football league to kick off at 3.15 to allow the high percentage of dockers amongst their support to finish their shift and get to the ground.I don't know what London dockers wore to work but I doubt that there would have been many skinheads amongst them. I know this is going even further off subject...
I certainly don't feel any abhorrence to the Donkey jacket,when I started my apprenticeship one of the first things that I bought for work was a Donkey jacket from Milletts,I remember being quite pleased to wear it going to work as it marked me out as a worker rather than a schoolboy.
The discussion about donkey jackets reminds me about the one on here about Barbour jackets and peoples perceptions  about the jackets and their wearers..I just looked up that discussion it was October 2013 ! didn't seem that long ago,and strangely in one of my posts I mentioned Donkey jackets as practical wear. I think a lot of the baggage with Barbours and Donkey jackets is down to the British obsession with class.As you say there isn't that history with Donkey jackets (...
I sometimes think that it looks better if the coat is darker than the trousers,but in this case if he would have worn lighter trousers he might  have looked too casual for a visit to a war memorial ? I think it looks ok for someone in his position.
Remember all the fuss about Michael Foote wearing a Donkey jacket to the Cenotaph on Rememberance day ?, of course it wasn't actually a Donkey jacket but the facts mustn't be allowed to derail a good story. There were a hell of a lot more manual workers in the late 60s early 70s than now,a large of a percentage of them would have worn a Donkey jacket,some of them would have been skinheads.
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