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Cleav, Have you ever seen the C & J Ashdown ?  they seem to fit the bill in my quest to find a plain derby with a dainite sole.
Blimey  and I thought I was harsh !   we aren't all going to agree with each others choices all the time.
I have never been keen on espadrilles but I have to say that yours look a lot better than the ones I have seen before. I am still looking for a plain derby shoe,preferably with a dainite sole,they really do seem to be quite a rarity,and a brown one is even more scarce.
Mr Knightley,The Harrington is a Code D and its being sold by eon clothing who are in Essex. I agree about the Millets ones being good,so many places make harringtons in so many materials that I take each one as it comes and don't put too much faith in brands,I will say that the Aquascutum one I bought is top quality in material and workmanship but its not my favourite.   I also noticed that Loake are selling off some samples of the 771 in suede,very nice and unusual...
After my post yesterday,I had a look at harringtons on e bay,they have the jacket that I mentioned reduced to £21.95 including postage, in Stone and navy. I have also noticed on the Loake website the Simon,which is a Royal in full grain,burnt pine ( brown then) for £120 made in India,looks very nice in  the picture.
I agree with all of that,its very rare for me to see a well dressed man these days or one wearing decent shoes. You make a very good point IMO when you say that someone can be well turned out without spending a fortune,it would make an interesting exercise perhaps to come up with a decent looking set of clothes at a budget. Funny that you should mention cheap harringtons looking ok,my favourite was £26 ( I think) I changed the buttons for under a pound,the only thing I...
Clouseau,I am pretty sure that pictures been on here before,its a Manchester utd fan being arrested at Derby county,theres a couple of other pictures of him lashing out a people in the crowd. Razor partings have been in and out of fashion over the years,I think it depends on hair length,if its too short you cant brush a parting in.
One of the problems with the summer months in England ( and New England ) is humidity,the summer in mainland Europe although hotter is more pleasant IMO.   I am up early today as we have had a thunderstorm all night but the temperature  has not dropped and it is still humid and uncomfortable.   Tomorrow I am going to a football match in Bath,the weather forecast is heavy thundery storms,a chance of hail while remaining hot and humid !.... what to wear in that lot...
I have also been thinking about the "touchstone" idea,and I think that maybe its a plain polo shirt,could be worn with anything else in "the look" ?,even a suit I suppose.
Have a look on e bay at Hanes beefy polos,better material than modern FP or Lacoste IMO,loads of colours and about £12/13 sent to your house,I buy them and I like their sleeve length too.Make sure that you put Hanes beefy polo into search not just Hanes polo as they do a thinner cheaper version.
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