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Summer sales...has anyone seen anything good in the sales ?. I had a look online yesterday and End clothing had some nice clobber and some good price reductions, Mackintosh Rain Jacket APC city mac Gitman short sleeve BDs. All interesting to me but size and fit was an unknown so I didn't risk it. They also had some longwing brogues made by Sanders for Mark McNairy ?, they had woollen panels ! I couldn't work out if there was leather underneath the wool,seemed a bit of...
I had to google Nantucket,looks a nice place,can get very hot too. The clothes and shoes sound the right choice for keeping cool and looking cool. You mention Oxford BDs,what are Gitman shirts like ?,they seem pricey but they are made in the USA,I noticed some short sleeve ones here in a sale but I think that they are 'classic' fit. Watches don't get mentioned on here much,I have to admit that since I have had a mobile phone I have stopped wearing a watch.
I agree with Mrs K,for me the sockless look is best confined to the South of France or Italy where some the locals can pull it off.The rest sounds good though,as you say easier when its cooler because you can wear a blazer.
As usual I am not coping with the heat very well (same as most Englishmen by the look of it ) today it was thin cotton short sleeve BD untucked,Uniqlo jeans and Paraboot Michaels, the other day which was more humid, FP polo,cotton shorts and trainers,not very good at all I am afraid.   Why do older Englishmen wear so much stone / beige / neutral summer clothes ? it looks horrible when all the clothes are those colours ( if colour is the right word ) the odd item yes but...
I agree that financial restraints will emphasise a Look as the less clothes that you have what you wear becomes almost a uniform,in the late 60s early 70s people didn't have as much as now and you knew what your mates were going to wear,buying something new was a bit of a talking point.However that doesn't seem to apply to Minets or Paninaro,who were apparently from richer backgrounds,that may partially explain the dilution of the original Paninaro look from Timberland...
Interesting stuff Clouseau,it always fascinates me how a 'Look' starts,who decides what is going to be part of the 'Look' and what is not ?.   Different now because we are all free to decide our own individual style,but a group doing something is interesting,and when things change how do they decide to move their  style on ?.   The Italian Paninaro also interests me for the same reasons.
I read that Herring shoes summer sale starts next week,I have had shoes from them and the delivery was very quick.
Looking forward to it. Planning to visit Adam of London in the morning,APC in the afternoon.
I would wear something like that,in wool,but I would prefer slant pockets without flaps so I keep my hands in them. Practical length for a coat IMO.
Welcome browniecj.The 3 styles Brogue, Plain and Gibson were all Derbys aka Gibsons,and I think that's what has confused some people.The Gibson was the least seen design here ( in my memory ) and I think that is because there were lots of apron front style shoes about then and the lads wanted something distinctive,to me a heavy polished brogue meant skinhead / suedehead...well worn with sta prest and BD anyway but the Gibson was too 'ordinary', IMO. Even now though I use...
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