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I can see his point of view,although I can see a difference between scuffy work jeans and tidy jeans ( and other people would not see a difference) I dont consider jeans as 'smart' ( whatever they cost).Maybe in a lot of ways it would have been better if jeans would have remained workwear ? were jeans the first item on a path leading to Shell suits and sartorial scruffdom ?
I definitely like the mixing of the looks idea,as I said about my Barbour jeans and Brogues,if I wore Cavalry twill trousers instead of jeans I would look like a wannabe gamekeeper...the jeans are the 'foil' imo.
I read something recently that I thought was depressingly true ,that 1969 was the peak of Western civilisation ! the article was about fashion but I felt it could be applied to a lot of other things.By 1974/75 I remember that people were already looking backwards for style inspiration,yes the Gatsby thing , I remember my Grandad looking at my 'latest fashion' heavy wool pinstripe Oxford bags and saying "I had a pair like that when I was your age",but also fragrances like...
Yes for blokes of that age group Denim = overalls / manual workwear.
I always think of the term 'lounge lizard' for him but that probably isnt correct. I had a relative in the army in the 60s and 70s and some of the officers wore those sort of clothes and accessories off duty,Tweed jackets,cravats,cavalry twill trousers, Desert boot type chukkas,leather gloves and a sports car.
I was more worried that the Police would ask me for my shotgun license !
'got distracted after football'....Chelsea 'at it' in Victoria again ?
I dont wear caps but that check looks nice,I really like the scarf.
I know the sort of blokes,used to drive a TR3 or a Healey 3000.I do agree about weaing to much 'Countrified' clobber,I wore my Barbour jacket and Barker brogues the other day and wondered if it was a bit much,I had mid blue denim jeans and a LS polo to bring the look down a bit.
You are well prepared for it then,for summer storms I also have a waterproof poncho,it goes on over whatever I am wearing and if its hot its better than wearing a Cagoule because its loose. Glastonbury is where Morlands sheepskins were,Street is next door and thats where Clarks of desert boot fame were ( its a retail outlet now) but if you get the chance I recommend Four Seasons Sheepskins in Street,well worth a look for Sheepskin or Leather coats and jackets,with the...
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