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That's not you in your hard hat on the pitch at Newcastle is it Ed ? (page 861) looks like a good night.
I remember talking to a Scouser in 1974,he was wearing Fleming jeans that he said were made in Liverpool and had been a favourite there for a while.Here it was Levis,Wranglers or very much 3rd place Lee.
My Loake Pimlico in brown leather arrived this week,very nice slightly different shape to the Kempton. The leather is the same as on all the 1880 range that I have seen ,slightly stiff but they become supple quite quickly. Ok I am not going to pretend they are such good quality as other more expensive makes but its horses for courses and for the amount of times that they will be worn and the places that I wil wear them Loake fits the bill for me. £188 and free delivery...
Not sure really,Mcqueen wore a light khaki or stone mac in the Getaway ( but he could wear most things and 'get away' with it ). I have a green raincoat a bit like the sage green Ma1,ok with jeans and brown shoes,but a difficult colour to match up other clothes with. In the early 70s I had a brown mac and there were lots of two tone material ones in gents outfitters,blue/black or dark red/black. How about a medium or dark grey one ?, I have seen check ones but I guess you...
Trouble with black or navy macs (for me) is they tend to remind me of uniform issue macs in the 60s, the electricity meter readers,gas board blokes and bus inspectors (Blakey! ) all used to wear them in our area (and a peaked cap). Although I have a lightweight black mac I don't often wear it,perfect for a funeral on a warm rainy day and little else,even a navy mac would have to be worn with light shirt and lighter trousers to break things up,although a navy one is easier...
Thanks for that,as you say it could easily be a home grown thing,maybe the idea came over here from America..There is a picture of a Rangers fan wearing a hard hat on the pitch at Newcastle,page 861 Mod to Suedehead. Apologies to everyone for going so far off subject and I wont mention hard hats again.
I bought a black plain raincoat in M&S a couple of years back it is very thin,ok for a wet summer day,looks ok. The Ben Sherman 'Harrymac' comes in black,only for dressed down occasions,and probably has too many flaps / buttons / collars for you,no belt though.
Totally off subject Botolph,but I have been following up the 'hard hats' from the Mod to Suedehead thread,I googled football fans hard hats and theres pictures of American construction workers hard hats with football logos and colours,do you know if this 'trend' came over from England ?
Yes,I have seen students wearing them,the last couple of winters old sheepskins have been popular amongst female students here.
Strange coincidence,I noticed in M&S 'New in' section a raincoat in navy or stone,its quite short ( not great for prolonged storms,but handy for in and out of the car),pocket flaps something like a Harrington..£79 ...I doubt its going to be great but I will have a look. I may have to don my 'hard hat' but has anyone seen a 'Harrington mac' ?, a cross between the two,I have seen pictures and I cant make up my mind between 'awful' or 'awfully good idea', perhaps its the...
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