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Interesting video,although I didnt understand the commentary the film shows that Parabooot is a top quality shoemaker.They make some shoes with a Goodyear welt and some with a Norwegian welt,I wonder why they use both ?.The leather on the Michaels is so soft that they were comfotable from new,the sole did feel a bit thick and I dont wear them when i am driving.Michaels, navy jeans,LS polo and Cardigan or Harrington  my Autumn Casual look.
 I like grain brogues which are pretty country,so if I was wearing them I would avoid anything else to 'countrified', the same as I try not to wear more than 2 overtly Skinhead items.I think that you are right,its getting the right combination of clothes/shoes to give you the look that you want without it becoming a uniform look ie country gent or skinhead, this is where I struggle with my Barbour jacket. Paraboot, I have been looking at the Frenaye plain derby, of course...
I thought of him when I looked at the House of Bruar shooting coat,plus fours and cap...that overcheck !!!!!!!
I was holding on to see the sale before ordering the Cardigan,guess what wasnt reduced ?...I gave up and ordered it full price,to be fair I am surprised that they can keep the price so low.
I have seen a few pictures of Original skinheads wearing Waffle knit cardigans,but I can not remember ever seeing one worn here...not to say that they werent but I dont remember it.
Looks really good,I prefer the tonal logo.I remember waffle V necks being worn here about 1980 (ish), they were quite mainstream but I saw lots of young Skins wearing them.
Cheers mate..I dont see many Barbours about here these days so I think that its a good time to wear one,I have worn mine very few  times since I bought it,it has to be quite cold weather as the lining is quite thick,but if its very cold (and dry) I have better coats / jackets.For a cold /wet day I prefer a jacket with a hood,I bought a Barbour hood for my jacket but it does look quite agriculural with hood attached,I have to say that its a purchase that I probably should...
Their clothes look to be good quality but most of it was too 'country' for me,as you say the V necks,a couple of shirts and a few other items,but I do wonder who buys some of the more extreme country stuff ?  Chinese tourists maybe ? or 'eccentric academics' ?.
The V neck that Covskin bought is really nice.There are some Slazenger Heritage items in a sale on the Atom Retro site,not the V neck unfortunately. My GF bought me the Grey RL pima polo from Zee and Co,at half price I feel well pleased that I got a bargain,lovely material and a nice fit...the 2 occasions that I have bought from them I have received the items within 36 hours,the couriers were very efficient and notified me when they were coming I wish all online...
Yes I always think 'if it sounds to good to be true it probably isnt true' so I didnt bother trying my luck. Re Chelsea boots,I had a catalogue recently from 'House of Bruar' they have some Chelsea boots that look good (in the pictures) for £99.95.Also some 'Northampton style' shoes that look good,particuarly the Chestnut Gibsons with Dainite sole, they call them 'Bruar R.im shoes' ( an unfortunate name imo) £149.95 in the catalogue or £175 online.I think that the Bruar...
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