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I have been thinking the same about dark polos fading and it seems to be getting worse ( definitely with the FP made in China ones).I am pretty careful,turning them inside out,hand washing at a low temperature using handwash powder,but I think now that its a fact of life that lighter colours will last longer.   I agree about the Sunspel Riviera,I don't like pockets on polo shirts,you can get plain Sunspel polos (without pockets ) in pique or jersey knit,long and short...
The  Lands End Madras shirt has arrived,less than 3 days after I ordered it,thats not bad seeing as it was free delivery.   I am very pleased with the shirt,nice loose fit which I think this type of shirt should be,sleeves fairly loose,if I was being ultra picky I would have had them 3/4" longer but they are much better than the modern short sleeves that only come to the top of the bicep,worn untucked I think it would be ideal on a hot humid day.   The material is a...
I like the look of the long sleeve Supima cotton polos,I might try one this year.I have never had a seersucker shirt but they look good too and some of the Oxford BDs.
I decided to order one of the Lands End Madras shirts,so it says the material is made in India so there is a bit of authenticity,I chose the right day to order as there was a money of offer and a free delivery offer which made the shirt (delivered) £26 which seems pretty good,it hasn't arrived yet so I wont say its a bargain until I have seen it.   I then decided to order the Ralph Lauren Oxford Polo which has arrived this morning and I am very pleased with it,I wondered...
I see that Abercrombie and Fitch make Madras shirts with material from Madras, unfortunately they are 'muscle fit' .Yes I read through some of the Styleforum page and some people are dyeing the cloth with the original vegetable dyes,I am not sure that I want to get that authentic,in fact the lands End ones look a good option for me although the collar is a bit small.
Thanks for the warning.  There is a Madras shirt thread here on Styleforum, I have read a couple of pages,some interesting stuff, apparently 'bleeding madras' disapeared because the dyeing process improved.
Luckily for me I don't like the colours on that one !Oi Polloi have some Gitman popover maras shirts that look good,still a bit more than I wanted to pay.
I just read the Gentlemans Gazette Madras article,well spotted Mr Knightley. I really like the bloke from Ivy Style's jacket, I don't know if  I would have the front to wear it though.
A mate of mine had a couple Madras BDs,this was late 70s,I think that he bought them whilst overseas, one was pale green and yellow,looked slightly faded but stayed the same forever. I was impressed with the Roman women though,as a Sicilian bloke once said to me "they even dress up and put their make up on to take the bins out"....not like some of them here wearing their pyjamas whilst taking the kids to school etc.
Thanks for those,I already looked at O'Connell's but I will look at the rest,Orvis have a couple but I am not keen on the colours.Lyle and Scott have a nice one but their logo on the chest spoilt it ( for me), have you ever come across American Eagle Outfitters ? they have a nice coloured one but the short sleeves looked very short to me.
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