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I have a Loake Kempton boots in black and Loake Pimlicco boots in brown,both plain leather chukka boots with dainite sole ( leather sole is an option),I think that because they are plain they can be worn with most clothes (others may disagree),I prefer boots to shoes in the wet or cold. I walked through John Lewis on my way back to the car last week and spotted some navy raincoats in a sale,I have been waiting to try on an APC navy raincoat for a while but these were John...
I haven't ever owned anything of DAKS,I have seen some nice stuff online.As regards to the hacking jacket I think its what do you wear with it ? a pair of country brogues and it might look like you are trying to hard for 'country gent ' look but you couldn't really wear it with jeans and trainers ?.I bought a very similar zip up jacket (Harrington style ) by Aquascutum a while back,it had the check collar on show the same as your DAKS one.I took it to the ladies who do my...
Thanks to everyone about the John Smedley fit advice. I had hoped that by visiting JS and trying on a few items that I would be able to get an idea of the best size and fit and be able to buy online thereafter,however I might have to visit more often on away trips to the North.
I usually do all the buttons up on a polo except in very hot weather or if its a short sleeve jersey material polo I leave the top button undone.   BTW John Smedley having a 50% off sale,some nice looking shirts unfortunately I don't know my size in JS,I hope to visit their factory outlet in October so that even if I don't find anything I like that day I should know my size for future sales.
I agree that a bag has to be practical,maybe I have been looking at this the wrong way ie wanting a bag to fit into 'the Look'. Perhaps I should be looking for a bag that is as unobtrusive as possible so that it doesn't jar with 'the Look', so no camouflage fishing rucksacks or bright red bumbags...something plain,simple,sober and as you said functional.
So if you were away to another city for the day what bag would you take to fit in with 'the Look' ?
I like the black one....now lets find a lookalike about £100 cheaper.
I think that the best type of bag would be a small holdall ( duffle ? ) with two handles and a detatchable shoulder strap.How big it should be depends on whether its a day bag,overnight bag or weekend bag.
I am not sure how because I was looking at bags,but I have just come across the 'classic harrington' Chums.co.uk...the reason that I mention this is because this jacket is not a 'harrington',but is a jacket that we talked about at our meet up,the monkey/football/surfer/golf jacket...looks quite good (in the pictures) for £25.   Back to bags then.
Funny enough I was looking for one of those vest/waistcoats with all the pockets in navy,only for work though..2 mobile phones,bunches of keys,notebook, wallet and glasses wear holes in my pockets and mean that I am constantly pulling my trousers up.
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