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Channeling RDiaz with my new jacket.       SC: Canali Shirt, tie: Oxford PS: Duchamp Pants: Pal Zileri   The jacket required no alterations whatsoever. Wool/linen/silk blend with a very subtle herringbone weave which doesn't show up in the photos. MOP buttons.
 +1, although I think the jacket is just a wee tad short. Nice that he kept the DB jacket buttoned while seated. Apparently this is "correct" for DBs. Anyway I read somefink to that effect.
 I know this matter of Don's trouser taper has been the cause of some frank and vigorous exchange of opinions on this hear thread recently. I agree with Foxxy. Those red dacks look really good on you, Don.
 I'm a recent convert to Islays myself. Been buying litre bottles of Laphroaig Quarter Cask (48%) at Sydney Airport duty-free store. Last time I switched to the Laphroaig "PX" which is given a final maturation in old Pedro Ximenez sherry barrels. Less smoky/peaty than the Quarter Cask but has a delightful floral sweetness to it. In other news, I recently purchased a couple of Canali jackets and will try to construct a fit or two for your collective perusal later...
 At 315 euros plus shipping, it would want to be very good! Are they?
No thinking behind the shoes except that they coordinate - sort of - with the tie.   Maybe I should get them muddy.
A farmer's outfit IMHO requires a rustic hat.      
All this talk of slim wallets has me flummoxed.   I deploy a fat bifold, stuffed with notes, receipts, too many bleedin' maxed-out credit cards, a keyless entry card for my Sydney apartment, a keyless entry card for my Shanghai apartment, two driver's licences (Aus and Chinese), other miscellaneous cards, SIM cards, a pic of my babe, business cards, public transport cards, Jesus H. Christ the list is endless.   The damn thing is so stuffed with crap sometimes it won't...
Diaz, did you swap the buttons? I seem to remember the buttons on this DB being off-white and flat. These look good.  Remind me to contact you when I need a hole dug.  You might like to edit that to "I envy you your suit". After all, Clags has already been hit on by a guy on this thread once today.
Holdfast, nice trousers, but I'm not feeling them with that jumper. I suspect the jumper is new and you just really wanted to incorporate it into a fit.   Last night I quickly changed ties and PS to go out to dinner with friends, and quite liked the result.       Tie is Oroton, not worn for a long time, but gives a suprisingly nice deep vadge.
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