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I recently bought a "One Wash" Studio D'artisan SD-107 Unsanforized jeans.   Fitting is good all above the knee and i love it, but it prefer it just slightly slimmer below knee. So I am wondering if it is possible to further shrink the One Wash-ed jeans by hot soaking?   I actually came across this same issue two years back with my Japan blue X Momotaro 0200SP. As it was a Sanforized pair I didn't think much about ways to shrink it and got it altered at a tailor. And...
Those oxfords are pretty sweet!
 First time hearing about lower full sole, what exactly is it? Any comparison pictures?
Still wondering what size should i get for a sj in the near future, I measure 7D on a brannock device.
So whites runs half a size smaller?
@Brian - Is lace to toe supposed to look like this or there's something wrong with the picture?
Here to share a few pictures of some awesome SJ i found on the facebook page of ultrasound boots. Totally fell in love with brown CXL after looking at it.   &
Ahh i see. Went to look at buildaboot website and just noticed there is semi dress last option for the smoke jumper and coupled with few other options such as #38, 461 classic, standard. What are the difference?
[[SPOILER]] Are these Semi Dress? I still can't differentiate whats bounty hunter.
How do i get samples too?
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