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bump. surely someone knows such awesome boots!
Do you guys know what boots these are? Website product info link is broken so I can't find out.    I really like the lack of defining platform at the heel and general sharpness, would be sweet boots for someone with big feet.     And here's a better look at them:   (Same brand seems to make low cut, shoe version:
Hey guys, I've had my 1000 miles for almost 4 months now. They were going great until about 1-2 months in when I noticed the right boot creasing considerably near the toe. I realise this has been posted in the thread before, but in my case the crease has been pushing into my right big toe knuckle and causing a stretching sort of pain in my joint and toe area of my foot, which can still be felt days afterwards.   I've been using shoe trees every day, when the problem...
Should I send them back then? :/ It seems deliberate, the half leather insole has a stylised end
Got my 1000 mile boots, they're great. Definitely a different style than what I'm used to (picked up a sweet vintage denim jacket from a thrift store today to go with them).   The only problem/question I have with them is with the insole/footbed. The leather insole only goes about half way, and the rest (from middle of foot to the toes) feels like some sort of hard plastic. The problem is my feet tend to be sweaty by the end of the day, and combined with damp socks...
mg2380, if you're talking about the post on pg 153, it should be noted that the guy conditioned the sole FOUR times in a week (lexol conditioner twice; filson boot oil, and obenouf's LP once each.) The only other person who I can see that posted pics of their leather soles seemed to have problems due to them drying out more than anything else.  I'm thinking if wolverine suggests it, I'll still condition the sole. But only once, not four times haha
Hey guys, I purchased the black 1K's on amazon and am keenly awaiting them.  Wondering on a bit of clarification on the caring for the leather:   A lot of people have posted about using sno sheild and obenauf's LP. The thing is, I live in the driest state in Australia, it is about to be winter but it doesn't rain too often (or snow at all).   The wolverine video on youtube says to only apply leather conditioner to the outsole of the shoe when it's new. So should I...
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