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From Secret Armory:   Suit starts from 25,000 and up. our shirt starts from 3,500
Does anyone know how much yards of wool it would take to make a jacket and pant? I'm about 5'7, 160 lbs.
Also where do you get your fabric? And at how much?
Nice, I'll message you if I do go to Cornells. I have another tailor a cousin of mine recommended. Thanks bro.
I'm not sure why the person I talked to quoted me that price. Maybe because I'm American and spoke to him in English. But still doesn't make sense. When I'll be in Manila and looking for the price quote everyone else gets.   Well my question now would be how much would the price range be if I'm looking for a custom black suit, with a white shirt. What would be the price range that is fair for Manila?
I called Cornell's Custom Tailor.   He quoted me 13,000php for jacket and pant. Also, 1,500php for shirt. This isn't even discussing fabric or any custom requirements.   I find these prices way to high for the PI. You can get a really good suit in China for that price and most likely better quality.   Does anyone have a recommendation for places in Makati, or anywhere near Metro Manila? I've tried to back read but the prices seem out dated. Thanks.
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