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I have good experience with http://www.aussiebushhats.com.au/
I think its on the 415 last "Savile" model, but not sure, I have lost the original box since I purchased them back in 2010
  JM Weston
Zurich last Like wearing them with dark blue denim!
Hi all,   I am a simple man, I enjoy nice things like shoes, clothing and obviously also bikes. I have a fondness for classical (English and Italian) clothing and anything carbon associated with bikes.   I try to do classical style with a bit of detail that might not be classical, the occasional goyser stitch, the random orange sock, the little detail that gives the classical a twist but not in an Paul Smith kind of way.   I have a fondness for tweed,...
After browsing the Grenson and Loake sites I think I have found the match at Loake http://www.loake.co.uk/strand.html, everything except the cut of the rubber on the heel and the nails match very well.   Thanks for the help!
Heinrich Dinkelacker, Zürich last    
Thanks, here comes a pic of the sole
So these New & Lingwood shoes are them made by C&J? If so are they on a N&L or C&J last?         Inside reads:   MOORGATE 713775 R502937/001 CAPITAL/F SIZE 9 MADE IN ENGLAND 09
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