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awesome, gah so excited for the next round.. though with excitement, disappointment may follow =/
^^^ ditto, details from this round's buyers would be great! cheerio.
they use multiple kinds of lasts - the ones i know of for sure are the 2030 which is narrower and the 110 which is wider.   it'd be great if they could specify the type of last for the next round!
that's #19 - service boot, walnut cordovan, dainite sole, 10 eyes $500 Sz – 8   ..but I'm pretty sure someone just posted that they got it. :(
  congrats, that harness leather is incredible.
ah nice, thanks for the info! i can sleep now :)
does anyone have any idea which timezone guy is using when he says "afternoon"? i was thinking it might be BC timezone as viberg is based in vancouver but can't say for sure.
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