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  Which last is this? And can you elaborate on what you hated about your Red Wing size?   Thanks!
just send the seller a private message
ah thanks! do you by any chance if there's a size difference between RW 8138 (moc toe) vs. Iron Rangers? I wear size 9 US in RW 8138s and it sounds like I'm probably a 8.5 in the Viberg 110 last but just want to make sure. Thanks!
  nice, do you know which last this is? and which red wings exactly are you making the comparison to? thanks!
  The toe cap on either boot is optional; same with the toe box.   The main difference, I believe, is that the 1950 Service Boot has a top band whereas the 1940 Service Boot doesn't.
can anyone make any comparisons between viberg sizing and clarks desert boots and/or red wing moc toe (i.e. 8138) boots sizing? 
also, patience is a virtue that many don't have.. like me. lol. 
  this is true. i remember even as recent as two years ago, my conception of club monaco was black and white.
i think it depends on your overall look and whatever else you're wearing - the more formal your outfit is, the less breaks your jeans should have, but as you move towards a more casual look, more breaks and stacking are fine.   obviously, wearing a blazer with dark jeans that stack heavily is going to look off.
  should be within the next several days i believe, we're all just waiting for guy to post haha.
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