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shoe trees are awesome.
another round today (monday) ? anyone know?
  what kind of leather are those?
so next round at noon on monday?
ah i see, thanks for the info!   does anyone have any personal experience with commando soles?
does anyone know if it's possible/how difficult it would be to get the sole replaced with a dainite sole?
I'm wondering if it's a mistake i got the commando sole..not that i had too much choice in the matter haha.
does anyone have any reviews about the commando sole? in the photos it looks a bit clunky and ugly, not sure what to expect. 
I'm pretty sure (at least now) they're willing to do half up front, and half once the boot is completed. And last I heard, turnaround time was around 12 weeks, but with the increasing popularity, may very well become longer.
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