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Can someone tell me if this Nelson Bench is Authentic and what the reasonable price is for this condition?   The seller told me that it's Patina, why is that something people want in a nelson bench?   Thanks                
This is the first time I actually woke up at the release time for john eliott because of the midnight villain. Smh
they pulled a fast one by trying to create hype on it, making it seem like they sold out within 60 seconds and then bring it up again
lol it can't sell out like supreme
im thinking a glitch, sold out too 
exactly, i just wanna see how the lapel looks and if the positioning of the button pocket looks good on the left side cause it bothers me a little bit that it's there
does anyone have good fit pics of the new Double Rider jacket, haven't seen any posted on the TOJ gallery website yet, looking to either purchase a TOJ biker piece or a Schott Perfecto biker jacket, not sure which one to get yet, any opinions?
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