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Rocking the Rutledge today
 I had to send mine back they were turning my pants blue on the inside..and where I had crossed my legs sitting at my desk I had a huge blue stain on my pant. :(
Ugh that sale is going to have my wife kicking my butt lol picked up three pairs of shoes....     Blue Suede Strandmonks (casual friday should be interesting) Crack Brown McTavish Wingtip Oxfords (another good casual shoe) Grey Parkway Dress Shoes (needed a good grey shoe to mix up the black)   Will round out my collection pretty good.
I travel a lot for work between LDN/NY/Houston I spend most of my time in Houston, and well wool is just too hot and requires me to spend a ton of money on dry cleaning all the time.  I've managed to find a decent pair of brooks brothers hudson pant for the most part.  I'm a 38/30 but large build through the legs and seat, so I'm having a very difficult time finding good dress pants.  Can anyone offer suggestions for good pants that I can find in 38/30 that are roomy...
New Posts  All Forums: