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I am looking for a new, stylish men's bag for use in college I am between the LV "Michael" Damier Graphite Backpack or the "Daniel" GM Messenger bag. I dislike wearing and carrying messenger bags, and I am in love with the looks of the LV backpack, but at the same time, I am afraid wearing a backpack will make me look unprofessional. Also, I don't think a backpack is as timeless as a messenger bag, and I might not be able to pull off the backpack look in 5 years. Any...
    Found this on the bay. There are other photos. The croc patch is placed correctly, and the buttons seem to be MOP, but I am not sure about this tag. The fact that it says "Made in France" and is not a Chemise Lacoste polo makes me think it's fake, but I'm not sure what the early ones made during Lacoste's "comeback" when they were still made in France     first post, btw       Thanks
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