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Stichy,Good news! I found the 5270 and, since its free shipping, the price should be within budget. Can't believe I found such a deal!
Definitely a keeper.
So, what guy doesn't love coming home and finding this: But what's even better? This was in the bag. Gotta love her.
The same as seeing a woman in a mans dress shirt....
INice watch! I have an FC and absolutely love it. Planning on another. Now, If only they would get rid of the "heartbeat" watches that look like they are from target and produce a female manufacturer.
Thanks - interesting design.
Pretty cool - thanks for the link.
Forgive my ignorance, but what is this?
I love my FC and and have my eye on another. Bang for the buck is good. I do agree they need to decide - the whole "love" theme and heart shaped cutouts makes them look so very cheap.
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