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Will do so as soon as I have them... Meant Opumo, not UshowU btw.
Just picked up the black Finchley tassel loafers at UshowU for 146£... a steal for the quality and very nice to wear for work!
A little bit off-topic, but I just grabbed one of the Uniqlo longsleeve ultra light down jackets for 29£, which I will wear underneath my Cameraman in winter... I went for the V-neck version, which is best to wear it underneath a normal jacket. 29£ is a real steal I think... 19£ for the vest, which I bought a while ago and converted into a liner to be used in my Belstaff Panther.   http://www.uniqlo.com/uk/store/goods/131561
 Good for everyone in London though as you can try everything on and less competition for the real bargains...
I don't think Marrkt will every start a new sale... One of the guys working at the Cabourn shop at Covent Garden told me they would be holding sample sales in store at some stage... Lets wait how good those deals get!!
He is also selling the crazy camo cameraman in store for the same price... Luckily I got mine from Yoox for 190€
This is getting really annoying...
Ike the troll
705£???? My god, get a Woolrich parka or something classic for that, but not this piece... Save 500£ and get the Everest from 14oz.
Please excuse my honesty: No matter whether it's high quality or not - this looks like a second hand parka from the 70s.
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