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I think 41 or so...
Ah, now I got it! Thanks!
No, I don't mean the throat latch, but there are buttons on the inside of the jacket right behind the three buttons that close the jacket...
Heads up on my order: I never ordered directly from Cabourn and was quite surprised about how nice the packaging was. Not that it's super important, but I find it amazing to see and feel the attention to detail with such things. Super nicely wrapped in a cool vintage style with a small hand-written "Thank you for your order" card.  On the products: The sweater definitely fits large, so best decision to order a size 50. Amazing fabric and an absolute steal for the price. I...
Some new additions to the sale (amongst others all sizes of the crew neck sweater that I bought are now available... Went for a 52 in the Mallory and a 50 in the sweater, I really hope that both fit given I am inbetween the two sizes)
Had the same issue. Dropped them an email today and they said they were extremely busy due to the sale and that they would accelerate my order (had some troubles with my Everest Parka recently and complained to them, which may have speeded up the process). They will definitely ship your order.
[[SPOILER]]Cabourn should have done the upper part of the Cameraman with Ventile as well - I think it's a bit too plain with only linen.
Cabourn site really had amazing deals - pulled the trigger on one of the Japanese sweats for 48£ and also snapped the linen Mallory for 200£. I am generally not a big fan of Cabourn summer clothing, but especially the Mallory in the heavy linen really looked great on the website... Let's see.
Small update from the womenswear front: I picked up a second cameraman for my girlfriend. The jackets are simply amazing, super well fitted and very nice fur. I got her the navy one as a basic piece for Christmas (bought from UshowU) and now the camo one, which I find absolutely fantastic. I only ever saw the camo womens Cameraman on Japanese websites and never here in Europe... The happier I was when I picked it up from 14oz.
Sorry, what jacket?
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