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Small update from the womenswear front: I picked up a second cameraman for my girlfriend. The jackets are simply amazing, super well fitted and very nice fur. I got her the navy one as a basic piece for Christmas (bought from UshowU) and now the camo one, which I find absolutely fantastic. I only ever saw the camo womens Cameraman on Japanese websites and never here in Europe... The happier I was when I picked it up from 14oz.
Sorry, what jacket?
Crazy Mallory for 235£ at Flannels... 48-52 available. Great price! Not for me tough, I think this Mallory is a desaster.
All fair points, in the end it comes down to taste. I personally don't care much about further technical advancements, as the current version is more than warm and sturdy enough for anything I will ever do. But what I really don't like about the new version is that the design resembles a jacket that Penfield produced two years ago... Okay, they might had based their design themselves on the classic NC Everest Parka, but I think the style is just not...
Saw it at NC's exhibition at LCM and didn't like it as much as the original one.
@ Redmond: Have mine since more than two years (in dark green) and no problems. Love the jacket.
Excellent interview. A few takeaways:   "Everyone thinks he went up the Everest in a red parka, but it was a blue one actually."   Anja: Your work today is completely based on vintage clothing. When did you first start working with vintage? Nigel: Well, my first love was pop music. English pop music between 1967–1971 was fucking brilliant! I was a fashion student then and everybody was into flower power. I only went to fashion college for the birds you know. I met...
I talked to the NC team at LN:C and they explicitly said: No standard Everest Parkas this year! But let's see.
Nigel Cabourn won't have the normal Everest Parka next season.
Actually it's not too heavily waxed at all... Given it is a large coat and thick fabric, the amount of wax puts it on par with standard barbour jackets.
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