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It's a free market. But given how many times these items are relisted, you can see that there is no interest at those prices.
To make things clear: Almost all of Aero's very best sheepskin seamstresses (including the most famous one, her name is Kelly if I remember correctly) migrated to Simmonsbilt (formerly Alexander Leather). That's also the reason why Nigel is producing with Simmonsbilt. My Shearling Coastal Command is also fitting small.
For everyone living close to Frankfurt: Volls started their sale - I picked up the Beeswax Cape Cameraman for 99€ and two PRPS Noir Jeans for 99€ each. Woolrich for 199€ and many other bargains.
Confirmed, actually not very boxy
Not sure what you mean... From left to right: Uniqlo Ultralight Down Jacket, Stone Island Ice Jacket from a few years back, then a super cheap LOGG tweed down vest, Nigel Cabourn Eddie Bauer Camo vest, crazy Camo Cameraman, then a waxed Belstaff from last season, a Belstaff Panther, beige Woolrich Arctic Parka, navy Ventile Everest Parka, Oil Cloth Ventile, Coastal CommandAt the very bottom you can see my girlfriend's Cameraman jackets in navy and in Camo
Hehe no - a fascinating jacket.
The Coastal Command was still produced by Aero, only the new ones by SB. That being said, the history of SB is not as "clean" but they seem to do the more successful collabs (Edwin, Barbiur, Triumph etc).
6 Mallory jackets?? Haha that's a lot! I have the Surface jacket as well, but too cold for winter. I wonder why they stopped doing it.I really can't buy anything else at this stage - my girlfriend would freak out and I simply don't have enough space.On the Coastal Command: A truly unpractical jacket, but I simply love it. It doesn't get more than a few wears each year and I am only wearing it when I am outside for a long time and when it's extremely cold. This jacket can't...
Winter wardrobe is ready - the cashmere duffel and Mallory etc are hanging in another closet
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