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Just came back from the flagship store opening!   Nice store, great location and indeed a very nice collection. Nonetheless, I am not 100% convinced by the store. Somehow it feels too "normal" compared to eyecatching pieces like the new Coastal Command or the Crazy Cameraman. I would have loved something more unusual... For example, the shop 14 OZ in Berlin is much better IMO. Besides, the store is quite small (as expected for Covent Garden), even though it spreads out...
 Bad bad businessmen who are not wearing suits in their free time, but Mallory jackets and Everest Parkas! Shame on us 
For those who are into the Coastal Command jacket:   Aero Leather now offers an "original" Coastal Command jacket. In case you haven't been in the loop: Aero Leather used to produce Nigel's Coastal Command jacket before their entire team of sheepskin experts migrated to Alexander Leathers. Now they took over the production. Interesting jacket, even though not for me, as it misses Nigel's modern touch.   http://www.aeroleatherclothing.com/product-detail.php?id=2374
Great... will try to leave the office early enough to be there as well.   My wish would be that this flagship store will hold sample sales like the M5 showroom in NY or Marrkt... That would be amazing.
Anyone attending the flagship store opening in London on Thursday??
Thanks a lot. Thinking of giving it a chance... but would hate ruining a Cabourn jacket, especially because it's beige... If I go for it, I will keep you posted with pics. One more thing: The jacket is unlined, so wouldn't waxing it be uncomfortable to wear? I would consider getting a liner for it, e.g. a thin down jacket that can be sewn or buttoned into it.
To be very honest: I really like the gray Mallory, I am a big fan of the new oilcloth Everest - however, the brown/blue colour mix is not mine at all...
In case anyone is interested in a Donkey sample jacket at a great price: http://www.alexanderleathers.com/sale/donkey-jacket.html Besides, I was wondering whether anyone has any experience with waxing (Cabourn) cotton jackets? I picked up a double breasted jacket from Marrkt about 1.5 years ago, which is made from heavy cotton and very much looks like the jacket below. As I am not 100% happy with it, I was considering to wax it myself to make it ready for the rainier...
The seller knows Nigel personally and also the guys from Superdenim... so he gets further discounts. I am quite jealous I must say :)
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