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Regarding Nigel Cabourn's CS: I had multiple problems with my Everest Parka that I bought from 14oz about 3 months ago (one buttonhole almost fell apart, now the stitching where the string around the hip comes out is also lose and needs to be repaired). I contacted them and got a response in 20 minutes. We emailed back and forth and the jacket will be repaired or replaced. Either way, not 100% happy with the jacket right now, but it will be taken care off. I will drop off...
Update on my order from UshowU... after reporting the parcel as "definitely missing" the package now cleared customs in the US and will be delivered soon ?!?! What the hell is wrong with PostNL.... At least my girlfriend is getting her blue Cameraman
 I find the Kara Koram to be exceptionally well-made and I love most of the designs... the camo and the green one are amazing. On the other hand, for example the "golden" one is not to my liking at all. Overall, it's a more basic jacket in terms of materials, details (like sheepskin in the hood, buttons, most of them don't have any coyote fur). I saw the camo Kara Koram go for 270£ on eBay, which is a steal in my opinion. I think they offer great value for money.
They look similar, i.e. both are available in orange, both have a "sheepskin" lining in the hood and a string around the waste. However, the utility jacket is not made from the same materials: The outer material is cheap plastic, the "sheepskin" is not real sheepskin but some loose "teddy fur" and for example the "coyote" fur is faux fur. All in all, the jacket simply looks cheap and in the end has nothing to do with the Everest parka besides that they are both orange. I...
I found Pieter to be quite responsive when deciding on my purchase... better to email him directly probably than the normal contact email. He said he would come back to me regarding the lost parcel after having definite confirmation from the post office that it was lost - and then he will refund the money at once. Very unfortunate... I was very much looking forward to giving this jacket as a gift to my wife - one navy cameraman is now lost in the djungles of the Dutch Post.
Yes Pieter runs it and I was in touch with him during my purchase... Lets see when I get my money back. They are closed today. What a pity...
Very unpleasant experience with UshowU... they shipped a gift that I ordered to the US and it was lost at the sorting centre in the Netherlands.... Not sure how crappy the posting service is that they chose, but this is really annoying.
Will do so as soon as I have them... Meant Opumo, not UshowU btw.
Just picked up the black Finchley tassel loafers at UshowU for 146£... a steal for the quality and very nice to wear for work!
A little bit off-topic, but I just grabbed one of the Uniqlo longsleeve ultra light down jackets for 29£, which I will wear underneath my Cameraman in winter... I went for the V-neck version, which is best to wear it underneath a normal jacket. 29£ is a real steal I think... 19£ for the vest, which I bought a while ago and converted into a liner to be used in my Belstaff Panther.   http://www.uniqlo.com/uk/store/goods/131561
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