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I think I remembering some people in this thread saying that other stores will be getting Neros, More specifically Roden Gray. Is there any truth to this? Sudden change of mine and now I want a pair.
Anyone have the common projects & robert geller side zips and can comment on them? I'm contemplating on getting the beige pair. I can get them for a little over 500. should i jump on them now or wait it out for a lower price?
John Elliot & Blackmeans collab dropping on Oct 11 according to Hypebeast. I'm guessing it will retail at or around 2k
That Paul smith biker has a nice clean look. I notice a lot of PS items go on sale, at 1300 I think I will wait it out.
Anyone know if the Nero will restock at other retailers or is it a JE.com exclusive.
Speaking of Hanoi. I got a pair last week of grailed and they are the best pair of jeans i have ever had. Even without stretch they are super comfortable and the details are crazy plus they are selvedge
Judging by the model pics wearing the black boucle, it looks like the Nero may be restocking soon.
Just bought a pair of Hanoi. I know they dont have stretch. But does anyone know if they fit similiar to the grey skitlles. Im more worried about leg opening. I cant wait to get them. They are going to be my go to jeans on the weekend.
I probably will scoop the double rider once it's 40% off. Im probably going to sz down though since its described as a regular easy fit.
Anybody knows any web sites that have Plumas in 33. I found a 34 and 32 online but no dice on a 33.
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