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Can anyone comment on Mr Porter Indigo. Are they basically a spring wash with rips and patching or are they a completly different wash.
If I'm not mistaken out of all the denim released last season, Plumas were the most popular and they sold really well. Those were a simple dirty blue wash. And I believe most sizes have been sold out for a while now
So far, every jean previewed for the upcoming season has had a mixture of paint and holes. I'm starting to give up hope on JE dropping a plain pair of washed jeans.
Anyone have the Cast 2 in terrain. Im trying to decide if i should grab the Scarab at full price or the terrain for 250
Can we get a restock of scarab with the new cut please. This is the 4th time springs have been restocked
Just tried on the slim narrow Nevada at the Lenox. They are a must have. The wash and pre distressing is some of the best I have ever seen and they have a really aggressive taper that suits my character chicken legs. I also tried on the Sherpa denim jacket. It's definitely a head turner. It's a little too cropped for my liking but I am 6'3
With the plumes being in almost everyone top 3 , I'm beginning to feel like I need a pair. What is holding me back is I already have spring and Hanoi
can you post the whole book. are there any limited edition jeans
The only difference is that slim narrows have a slightly higher rise and a more aggressive taper from the knee down to a smaller leg opening by like half an inch I believe
Damn that jacket is nice
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