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anybody has the cast 2 in terrain. I am contemplating on getting them. JE website  pics make them look like a dark grey but they are described as being terrain black. any insight or reviews regarding them would be helpful
Im wearing the Neros now. They took like a week to come in which is not bad since i am located in Georgia. You have to email them, they are not listed on the Roden Gray website
I called Barneys Madison trying to locate a sz 32 in Nero. They were out of stock. Luckily I was able to order a pair from Roden Gray.
First time in this thread. I have never ordered anything from Taylor Stitch before but I'm interested in the Moto Jacket. I'm 6'3 185 with a slim build and I'm contemplating ordering a large.  I'm a bit concerned about the length being too short though. anyone 6'3 or taller have any experience with the  Moto Jacket?
Anybody Know if they going to Re Stock the Nero for a 3rd time. Roden Gray already Pre sold the SZ 33 I need. I
I think I remembering some people in this thread saying that other stores will be getting Neros, More specifically Roden Gray. Is there any truth to this? Sudden change of mine and now I want a pair.
Anyone have the common projects & robert geller side zips and can comment on them? I'm contemplating on getting the beige pair. I can get them for a little over 500. should i jump on them now or wait it out for a lower price?
John Elliot & Blackmeans collab dropping on Oct 11 according to Hypebeast. I'm guessing it will retail at or around 2k
That Paul smith biker has a nice clean look. I notice a lot of PS items go on sale, at 1300 I think I will wait it out.
Anyone know if the Nero will restock at other retailers or is it a JE.com exclusive.
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