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Can someone recommend a brand that has good quality slim fit oxford sport shirts for around 150 usd that i can wear untucked. Im 6'3 185 with smallish shoulders. I tried Gitman Vintage and i found them to be a bit too billowy around the body.
Great news for you. The Ralph Lauren store in Atlanta also has a small RRL section in the back. Every year they get less stuff though. So far for spring all they got were 7 items with no future plans of getting anything else. I basically have to remote send for anything i want.
Has anybody seen these jeans in person. They are on the Polo web site and are listed as Slim Narrow Coal Wash. I'm wondering if they are more of a raw non washed black or more of a distressed grey black. Thanks in advance.
Wearing the kentucky slim narrows today. Yes they are a selvedge.
I bought the RRL version of that Denim & Supply version posted above. I bought summer 2015 on sale for 350. I only wore it once on New Years eve to the club and its still in excellent condition. I feel as though that its not a sweater that is probably only supposed to be dry cleaned though. I know my sweater will never see the inside of a washing machine.
Anybody know if Rogue Territory is going to re release the bkanket lined shawl collar denim jacket again. Im bummed i slept on it last year
I seen them in person they are indeed a medium brown corduroy cut in the officer Chino fit.
Black Label is discontinued. Its being fuse into blue label. If you check on line there are quite a few pieces of blue label that look like they would have been a part of Black Label.
I have the skim narrow. I absolutely love them. The distressing and paint splothches really stand out in a good way. They are also loght weight and soft which is a definite bonus. Fair warning they run small.I bought Them in a 34 and they are noticeably slimmer than all my other slim fits which are 33.
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