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Just bought a pair of Hanoi. I know they dont have stretch. But does anyone know if they fit similiar to the grey skitlles. Im more worried about leg opening. I cant wait to get them. They are going to be my go to jeans on the weekend.
I probably will scoop the double rider once it's 40% off. Im probably going to sz down though since its described as a regular easy fit.
Anybody knows any web sites that have Plumas in 33. I found a 34 and 32 online but no dice on a 33.
I think the spring restock was solely for JE.com
Judging by the pics it looks as the black sashiko denim is distresses. In the close up pics it looks like a slightly faded nlack wash.
Anyone cop the sashiko Panel Black. The Sashiko detailing makes it stand out from your run of the mill black denim .
Can anyone do  comparison pics between the Plumas an old pair of Spring wash, Similarly to what Zanderosen did?
I wish the white skittles were a plain pair of white jeans with white & grey paint splatter. Right now, they look like  a pair of white Jeans that you're grandma accidentally machine washed with your raw blue APC.
^ I have a pair. I highly recommend them. There is nothing quite like them out
Those black skittles utop need to drop soon. Those will sell out in minutes
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