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Slim straights have a higher rise so you can actually tuck in your shirts comfortably if you want too.Also, you don't have to worry about your underwear peeking through when sitting. Slim straights also have less of a taper when compared to Slim fits.
Thanks.i think I'm going to order them today before they sell out in my sz. They have 3 more slim narrow fits coming out for fall. There is a nice charcoal wash but all 3 of them are made out of American denim. I prefer Japanese denim myself
Has anyone bought or tried on the Dakota slim narrow, Any reviews. I'm thinking of scooping up a pair. I figure it would be a great lighter weight Japanese denim for the summer. Wearing 14+ oz denim in the summer is straight torture.
How do the shirts fit. I'm tall with a slender build. 6 I have a few J crew slim fit shirts in a large. they fit ok but i find them to be a bit wide in the midsection. I wear 40 in suits so I was looking to size down to Medium in these shirts. I'm looking for a pretty slim fit to wear with my tapered jeans.
Does anyone have the PDF for fall RRL 2015 lookbook?
I'm on my mobile phone and i can't find the 2 new RRL varsity jackets on the Polo website. Can someone post a link?
Do you'll have anything new and exclusive coming out any time soon. Like some Alden or Gitman vintage collaboration
Anybody know any stores here in NYC that stock John Elliot stuff? Im here for a few days and i would love to try on there stuff in person before purchasing.
^ which store had some navy indy for sale. I have been looking for a pair for quite some time.
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