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If that schott peacoat with the leather on the back of the sleeves drop under 700, I will scoop it up. I'm also feeling the distreesed denim shirt they just put up.i probably will buy all 3 of the limited edition t shirts once they go on sale. The deck jacket is nice but i think I'm going to finally buy me an iron heart 21oz denim jacket instead. I figure i will get a lot more use out of it here in GA.We only get 6 weeks of cold weather. I really wish they would stop...
Is it just me or are the shoulder measurements huge for GV. a 19.75 shoulder for a 22.5 chest is too big IMO
I just checked on line and they had a pair of slim straight on sale for 150. They are a 31×32. I highly suggest you jump on those.
Saw those jeans yesterday in person. Yeah,they are really nice. They are made in japan out of japanese selvedge denim. The rips and repairs are really nicely done. At first i was caught off guard with the 450 price tag but they aren't all that overpriced imo. If they were slim narrow, they would be a definite purchase
^ thanks for the response. I actually have the slim fit rigid chinos from spring and i absolutely love those pants. They fit perfectly and they have a nice taper.I may just bite the bullet myself and pay MSRP.
How is the fit. Does if fit like the normal officer chinos or does it fit slimmer and does it have a noticeable taper. I really want a pair but MSRP is 420. I'm holding out until it goes to at least 40 percent off.
That's the longhorn western right. I kind of regret not scooping it up.
Cookbook is not out yet. It should be available in the next few weeks. I spoke to my sales associate at RRL store here in Atlanta and he told me they have already begun to send out winter 2015 items and they should be in store sometime this week
If you are worried about the low straight being too tight in the thighs then the slim boot cut will definitely be too tight. Out of all the different cuts of RRL jeans. I find slim boot to have the smallest thighs.
I have the boondocker boots. I would not recommend them at all. construction is ok at best and it has unstructured toe which collapses easily. I would recommend Viberg instead.
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