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I think you'll should release a shawl collar waxed canvas blanket lined supply jacket next fall. I believe a red and grey blanket lining would go well with waxed canvas as opposed to blue and grey.
Lol. Actually that mechanic suit up top is on my wish list. As soon as goes about 40% off I will purchase it. It looks super comfortable and different. I can see myself wearing it on lazy day Sunday when I'm hanging barbecuing out or doing a quick run to Home Depot. i probably would get the legs slimmed a little and taperd though.
For those who have Slim straight and regular slim fit. Did you'll size down 1 for slim straight compared to your normal slim fit size or did you'll size the same?.I'm more concerned with the thighs being too tight if I size down.
What is your review regarding the red polka jack rabbit as far as quality and fit? I was contemplating on picking it up but now I'm kind of leaning towards the red star print shirt instead.
Hey Kiya   Do you'll plan on restocking the Imperial Shearer black jeans any time soon. Or releasing a slim tapered pair of black raws that are made in Japan. I have plenty of indigo jeans in my wardrobe and I have absolutely no black.
^ Are these the Limited edition Ro-Buck or are these another pair. I tried checking on line and I couldn't locate a raw pair of slim straights at all.
About time RRL has decided to do some rip stop cargo in camo. Kind of wish the were slim fit though. Still going to cop though.
I'm 6'3 185. I wear a 42L in club Monaco grant suits and Ludlow suits. I'm pretty slim and I have pretty narrow shoulders so if you have broad shoulders you may need may need Large.
^ Yeah I grabbed a Ross Varsity jacket in a large last Saturday in store. I paid 315 for mines
Anybody pick up the limited edition bradford vest any reviews. The Atlanta RRL store only gets certain pieces.
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