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^ so the store has items for sale that the web doesn't? If  true i may have to make a trip to my RRL store.
Yeah this sale is weak. Like most of the jeans are not on sale and none of the shoes or limited edition items are included. The only thing worth getting are some of the sweaters but they are still overpriced imo. I really wanted those slim narrow raw jeans.
The amount of delays in this jacket is ridiculous.
Ironheart has a black denim western shirt that may be right up your alley
Damn those jeans look nice. what is the weight of the jeans and are they Japanese denim. I wish they were slim fit instead of low straight.
That sale posted earlier on the flier is for employees only.
I heard from a reliable p that the sale for spring items begin Thursday, RRL will be included. I will probably be picking up those east west slim narrow on this sale.
Are the measurement accurate on the Gitman Vinatge website? 20.25 Shoulder length is huge. Most brands slim fir shirts are usually an 18.5
All slim fit denim have a tapered leg opening only slim straight have a straight leg opening. You should be ok with those jeans unless you have huge calves
Does anybody know what are the limited edition jeans that are releasing for summer 15. I need a new pair of blue jeans and I have a online only Ralph lauren gift card I'm dying to use.i would get the east west slim narrow but I would rather wait for the the invetible price drop.
New Posts  All Forums: