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If you are worried about the low straight being too tight in the thighs then the slim boot cut will definitely be too tight. Out of all the different cuts of RRL jeans. I find slim boot to have the smallest thighs.
I have the boondocker boots. I would not recommend them at all. construction is ok at best and it has unstructured toe which collapses easily. I would recommend Viberg instead.
I remember someone saying they are going to be tweaking the fit of the denim and making it more true to Sz. Are there any plans to add more room in the thigh. I found the previous run to be over sized in the waist but extremely tight in the thigh.
How do you'll size in Rogue Territory shirts. Most of my shirts are RRL and i usually buy a large in most of there shirts with a few medium scattered here and there. I was looking at RGT measurments online and for a large there chest and shoulder measurement looked more in line with a medium for most brands. It looks like i would have to sz up to an XL. but, I'm afraid that an xl will look billowy around my midsection.
I never went myself but i heard nothing but good reviews from selfedge
Unless you have huge calves i would do a 33. I wear a 33 × 34 in both normal slims and the new narrow slims. The only difference to me is the smaller leg opening.
Are you in the UK? I saw these jeans in the UK polo site. they haven't hit  the US one yet. Narrow fit just came out last season. Narrow Fit are exactly like the normal slim fit but with a smaller leg opening.
I stay in Atlanta so I don't really see myself wearing any of these sweaters until Oct, when it begins too cool down.
I got these two.    
I just called my local store here in Atlanta and i just placed an order for the indigo shawl collar cardigan for 310. I also got indigo cardigan jacket for 230 or so. I got quoted for 350 on the leather vest with the indigo back. I passed on it though. I wasn't too sure i could pull off the leather vest look.
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