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does anybody know if these are the denim that are supposed to be releasing friday.  
Yeah grab the 29
No noticeable shrinkage but i do have bacon neck on some of my tees. I probably should have hung dry them.
I don't even pay attention to RRL prices that much anymore. 99 percent of the stuff sits and can be had for atleast 60 percent off.
Kind of mad that I missed out in the Nero Jeans, but I'm pretty hopeful that JE will release more black denim for Season 8. 
Im liking the new denim but it looks a lot like the spring wash with paint splatters. Since i already have the spring i may have to pass on the new wash. I noticed there also looks like they may be releasing a pair of solid black jeans.
Slim fit is what is in style. They are producing what sells. They still produce a good amount of straight leg jeans imo. I noticed the last few seasons Limited edition Jeans  have all been straight leg too.Personally I wish they would produce more Slim Narrow.
The sale just started last week. You're going have to wait a few weeks before items begin to be marked down further.
I placed my order early today with Union LA for the spring wash denim. Im hoping to get it Saturday.
Thanks for the info. I was finally able to find these jeans in 33.
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