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If I were you I would try to stick to slim fit when buying jeans. All there straight leg items are always huge. The only way I would recommend straight leg if you were a big dude. All there stuff is sanforized so there will be very little shrinkage. Return the jeans. Like 95 percent of RRL stuff goes on sale. I Have been buying RRL consistently for 5 years and I have never paid MSRP. Sales are way too frequent to pay MSRP
New limited edition shirt was just posted on line. Imo this is one of the 3 best pieces to release this season along with both of the leather vest.
I just scooped these low straight for 87 bucks. It's Not my favorite wash or fit.For 87 bucks i couldn't pass up a heavy weight pair of washed Japanese selvedge jeans.  
 I have seen them in store. They are grey with a bluish tint to them. They are nice mid weight jean, im guessing around 14oz, made of  raw Japanese selvedge. i definitely plan on scooping these up when the first sale hits. Imo they are nice spring, early summer jean. Also, I'm kind of surprised they retail for 300 as opposed to the normal 340 for Japanese Raw. They should break in nicely, doubt you will get any ridiculous fades though.
^Everybody on this board is familiar with Wings and Horns clothing. This is old news. What we really want to know is some news on you're upcoming collab with the likes of Japan blue, Momotaro and Viberg.Also, do you'll Plan on releasing another Momotaro denim jacket anytime soon.
I'm no expert but the limited edition jacket looks more like a shirt than a jacket to me.
I just went to you'll online shop and you have a very small selection tho chose from. Do you'll plan on updating you'll site with more products. I live in the south east of the US, so I doubt i would be able to pop up at the store to shop you'll selection.
I agree, the washed out burgundy and gold really do well together. The only part I'm hesitant about is the lack of ribbing on the bottom. I feel as though it may look like a blazer with leather sleeves as opposed to a cool varsity jacket. Is it a slim fit or a more relaxed fit also
Thanks, I will just wait it out for something on the Barrie. I wear my jeans pretty slim as is so I think a sleeker profile would be better.
Looking to purchase my second pair of Alden Boots. I already have the Reverse Chamois boots from Leffot. I really want a pair of natural Chromexcel boots. I'm thinking about getting in on this Leffot pre-order. I'm not sure if i should jump on this pre-order or I should wait out for something better like a wing tip Chromexcel boot with a commando sole? I plan to where these boots with mostly tapered jeans and a button down of some sort. Also, Do you'll think this pre order...
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