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Private sale just started today in store only though. All fall RRL items are included . It's 40 percent off, This is what my sales associate communicated to me.
Limited edition jeans are made in lower quantities and they are made out of Japanese cotton. I have bought the last 3 limited edition jeans that came out and i like them all. Imo they are worth the price difference especially since I got them all on sale. Does anyone know when the spring 2015 look book is supposed to come out. RRL winter catalog was weak as far as jeans go.
Anybody know where I can order a 3 sixteen shadow selvedge jacket in a extra large?, Snake oil Provisions sold out in my size.
My blanket lines Shawl collar jacket came in today. Its a great standout piece. Even my girls mom who is almost 60 said that its a nice jacket. The armhole are a little higher than average but nothing too bad and the sleeves are spot on. not baggy but not restrictive at all. by far this is my favorite jacket i have ever had. I really like the blanket lining it is not so thick wear it makes the jacket look puffy but its thick enough to where it can keep you warm. I love...
^no I'm guessing they are indigo dyed and you can get some high contrast fades, honeycomb and whiskers.to develop these characteristics you will have to use the bag daily and wash it in ocean salt water after 1 year. If it start to smell bad before them put it in the freezer. Semi serious
Just ordered my shawl collar blanket lined supply jacket from Needsupply using the styleforum discount code. I saved like 60 bucks. I ordered a large.I Hope it's long enough since I'm 6'3. I tend to have problems with denim jackets being way too short.
How is the fit and what v exactly led you to buy at retail. I'm asking because it's my size and I may be convinced to buy it
Short Horn Western came in the other day. Cant wait to wear it with my Ro- Buck jeans. It fits a little big for a denim western. Quality is really good. It has a nice middle weight to, selvedge details, relly nice snap buttons. It is unwashed so it is really rigid. With some regular wear and hand washing it should become softer and some shrinkage should occur even though its sanforized.with regularĀ  wear, I can see the shirt getting some really great fades.. Hopefully...
Anybody pick up the Seattle work shirt. I was checking polo.com late last night and I saw they had about 5 shirts left in my size. I checked right after I got off work today and they only had 1 left. I decided to scoop it before I regret it. If i don't like it I can always return. The fact that it has stitched elbow pads and nice heavy duty buttons led me to picking it up.
Thanks for the reply. I was trying to get a large but all they have is a medium. I will wait it out though, I'm sure more stores will stock it.
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