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^ please report back on the fit once you get it. I fall between a medium and large in RRL button down. It looks like it has a relaxed fit so i may do a medium
I want this hand knit cardigan really bad but that 1200 price tag needs to hit like 350 before I cop. I probably will cop these 3 shirts once the first sale hits though. As you can tell I prefer loud prints. I may have to slow down on JE pieces though to get the sweater.  
I like the rips. you have to take in to account that  the picture quality on Saks is horrible. I'm pretty sure in person they look a lot better. I can definitely see  a lot people on this forum wearing it with a black Vilian, and  rider jacket for Fall and Winter.
Destroyed jeans are already out on Saks.com. I am not understanding why there is no 33.there is also a ugly pair of Alpine colored moto Jeans 
I would be happy if JE just re released the nero without the knee rips and did a raw hem like the skittles for F/W. Imo i think black denim looks best without all the paint splatters and distressing. I can easily see them selling out in minutes.
Thanks for the pics of the Plumas. They are definitely lighter than i expected. They look very similiar to the springs wish i already own. I probably will skip these and cop the skittles instead.
Out of the 3 denim dropping tommorow which are you'll most excited for. Personally im lookinh forward to the white skittles the most even though those are the hardest to match tops with.
I highly recommend the camo pants. It has a nice slim fit with a drawstring bottom, and the camo looks great. It doesn't stand out too much so you can team it up with alto of different tops. I would describe it as medium weight. One of the few RRL items I would pay MSRP for.
I already have the spring and skittles.Im having hard time deciding if I should cop a pair of scarab or the new ones dropping tommorow. I'm leaning towards the scarab because the new wash closely resembles the ones I already have.
Are people sizing down on the Anti Expo. i looked at the measurements and a medium Anti Expo is bigger than a Lg classic crew.
New Posts  All Forums: