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Anybody know any stores here in NYC that stock John Elliot stuff? Im here for a few days and i would love to try on there stuff in person before purchasing.
^ which store had some navy indy for sale. I have been looking for a pair for quite some time.
I want like 3 sweaters but its kind of hard for me to justify the purchase. it's already 85 degrees where I'm at with temperature expecting to climb in the upcoming months.
Has anybody seen this piece in person. How does it fit and is it more of a blue or grayish in color?  
I suggest you size your slim narrow the same as your slim fit. If you have muscular calves though the slim narrow are probably not for you. I have skinny calves and i had trouble taking them off near the calve area.
I actually just bought a pair. My store didnt have my size in stock Wednesday so I had them place an on line order. They came in on Friday and I wore them over the weekend. I sized them the same as normal slim fit. They are noticeably slimmer around the caves. They have a very aggressive taper. I had a hard time taking them off and i have skinny calves. As far as the thigh and waist they are marginally smaller if not the same as normal slim. The east west denim is very...
Since it is a standard fit as opposed to a slim fi tshirt i would suggest you get an extra small. There is plenty of sizes left in this shirt so you can probaqbly wait till it drops to 80 or so.
I wear the same size in both raw and washed. I will admit the washed are a little bit slimmer nut its not really noticeable
^ so the store has items for sale that the web doesn't? If  true i may have to make a trip to my RRL store.
Yeah this sale is weak. Like most of the jeans are not on sale and none of the shoes or limited edition items are included. The only thing worth getting are some of the sweaters but they are still overpriced imo. I really wanted those slim narrow raw jeans.
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