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I definitely need those blue knee rip denim
for which on line store
Are all the pieces posted part of the first delivery? That seems like a really big drop. I spot at least 3 different jeans alone.
Yeah there are like 3 pair of jeans i want from F/W and i still haven't picked up a pair of scarab yet. Im looking at spending at least a grand just on JE jeans. Smh
I feel like my pair of springs stretched like crazy. I feel as though i should of sized down. Just stick with it they will eventually stretch quite a bit
never had SLP before but if I wear a 33 in JE with room to spare, I like to wear my jeans a little baggy. What Sz would i be in the black SLP.
Anybody have real life pics of them wearing the grey skittles. I have searched through the thread and i can't find any.im trying to see how it compares to the Scarab and Spring wash.
Anyone no of any sites that may have woments MMM Gats on sale. Im looking to get a pair for a friend
dmagic what is your thoughts on the baseball jersey as far as fit and quality. I'm contemplating on scooping it up at full price as opposed to waiting on a sale.
I'm likingĀ  these 3 items so far. the Baseball Jersey is a must, especially since it is cutĀ  in Athletic fit.
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