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If you but there stuff at full price then yes it is overpriced. But in reality like 99 percent of there stuff goes on sale. As far as sizing goes I don't think its that bad. A shirt is not a shirt. you can't expect a Western to fit like a plaid workshirt and so forth. I believe RRL tries to recreate pieces from way back and they are trying to achieve a certain fit that goes along with that time period. This is coming from somebody whose wardrobe is probably 65% RRL though.
whatwere the standout pieces for you for spring 2015? Also, what was the limited edition jeans for spring. Lately I have picked up all the limited edition jeans from previous seasons.
I have a Made in USA chambray and i have also tried on there oxford and yes the fabric is significantly better and they use better quality buttons , the fit is similiar to the slim fit shirts for those items.  A few months ago I bought there made in USA brown Paisley shirt in my normal size Large and it fit like a slim medium. So I'm guessing maybe the patterned made in USA shirts fit different from their solid oxford made in USA shirts.
There are a few new RRL items on polo.com. has anyone seen the slim fit dusty ranch jeans in person. On the website it looks like a dark brown but it is described as a dusty olive wash. I may buy these as a christmas gift to myself if they are indeed brown.
I don't have a pic. But they fit like a every other pair of washed slim fit I have. The jeans are really light weight they felt cheap for Japanese denim. The wash and repair were badly done imo. The repair were way too subtle
Anymore collaborations coming up with Momotaro. Still kicking myself for missing out on the deep indigo denim jacket.
I posted this same question in another thread. Hopefully you get better results than me. I got the same Naked & Famous response too. I have had N&F jeans before and I was very underwhelmed to say the least.
Anyone have recommendations for a grey pair of tapered slim not skinny fit with a medium rise. Preferably raw and Japanese denim. The only thing I could find was left field but I'm not too familiar with their jeans.
Private sale just started today in store only though. All fall RRL items are included . It's 40 percent off, This is what my sales associate communicated to me.
Limited edition jeans are made in lower quantities and they are made out of Japanese cotton. I have bought the last 3 limited edition jeans that came out and i like them all. Imo they are worth the price difference especially since I got them all on sale. Does anyone know when the spring 2015 look book is supposed to come out. RRL winter catalog was weak as far as jeans go.
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