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Buy the Mr P. I have a pair and I love them. The wash is real subtle so it looks like a plain pair of black denim.
^ Those look quite a bit more dirty from the pair of springs I have. Im guessing its the filter
I'm thinking of buying the JE rider jacket but I'm worried it may be too cropped on me. Anyone around 6'3 can provide feedback regarding length. I'm 6,3 185 and I'm considering getting a large. I have slim build with narrow shoulders so I figure there is no need to sz up as most people here recommend.
so basically for season 10 we are getting 3 different pairs of white denim but no black denmi?
Good point. I have JE jeans in a 32 in the new cut and a 33 in the old cut and believe me there are noticeable difference I'm not sure a tailor can fix.
Scarabs are going to be restocked in the new cut. you could just wait it out for a few more weeks
Anybody knows if JE plans to restock any Flash Dual zips. All the larges have been sold out for months
What type of Jeans are you wearing. I like RRL jeans but the slim narrows don't taper enough for me. I have super skinny calves
Thanks for the pics Bethany. The denim and the cardigan are must haves for me
I asked this before but does anyone know if the rip on the thigh for the cobs gradually blows out or do they stay the same. I already know the knees blow out.
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