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Great thread. I'm also looking for some casual button down myself. My price range is around 150. I need a slim fit with a decent length and preferably made in USA. I'm 6'3 185
Are there any RRL fans in the Uk that may be willing to proxy to some RRL items for someone who is in the states or know a reliable site. Lately it seems like all the 33 x 34 are being sent overseas. I tried to get a pair of slim narrow in the charcoal wash, and the recently released slim narrow in the slub black with no success.My sales associate couldn't find neither of them in my size. I just checked the UK site and they seemed to be well stocked in that size. im...
I need info please. Are they new and what fit are are they. I'm guessing since they are limited edition they are made out of Japanese denim.
Yeah. I was going to buy the blue owl Momotaro collaboration as my first pair of raw black denim but at 260 I couldn't pass these up. In really looking forward to them. Im really psyched they are categorized as heavyweight, I can see me getting tons of wear out of them during the next 5 months.
I used the code last night and early this morning. I bought a pair of slim fit in the brown wash last night and this morning i got a pair of the japanese black slub denim in the slim narrow fit.i probably will return the brown ones I ordered. It was an impulse buy.The black came up to 260 and the brown came up to 225.
Has anyone seen the limited edition Schott peacoat in person. I was wondering if it had a slimmer fit or a more boxy fit.Any review would be helpful.Thanks
I have had my RRL chinos dry cleaned before and they shrank a little in the waist but they stretch right beck out
I saw them in person. They are really nice and they have a nice slim fit with a taper. It has a really strong overdye though and they are a really dark blue. Warning, they may bleed everywhere. At 420 they are a little over priced for me. If they drop under 300 they are a definite buy. I think they will pair really nice with a denim jacket and some boots for fall.
If that schott peacoat with the leather on the back of the sleeves drop under 700, I will scoop it up. I'm also feeling the distreesed denim shirt they just put up.i probably will buy all 3 of the limited edition t shirts once they go on sale. The deck jacket is nice but i think I'm going to finally buy me an iron heart 21oz denim jacket instead. I figure i will get a lot more use out of it here in GA.We only get 6 weeks of cold weather. I really wish they would stop...
Is it just me or are the shoulder measurements huge for GV. a 19.75 shoulder for a 22.5 chest is too big IMO
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