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Saw them in person. They look better in pics than in person. They material felt kind of cheap.probably due to the fact that it is not japanese denim. It look like a really worn out pair of black jeans as opposed to a black and brown mix. I would only recommend the Jean on a super deep discount.
Really interested in the Denim Jackets but I'm not seeing anything on the Web-site. Is there a time frame as to when these items will be available on-line.
You should probably pm the people adding for the pdf instead. There are alot of lurkers who visit this thread abd would go ahead and publish it on the web
I have one of their modern slim fit shorts in the same size as their regular slim fit shirts. It is truly a slim fit almost skinny. It really tapers in the body abd the shoulder and chest is tighter. I would only recommend of you have a skinny build. My sales associate told me most people end up sizing up.
are those a 32 waist or a 34 waist. I usually do 33 waist with a 34 instead but they are sold out in that sz but I know a 12 inch thigh would be perfect
are those the CXL boots from J.crew they had for sale earlier this year? After seeing the pics im kicking myself for not getting them. Would you happen to know any store that would happen to have that same exact boot in stock? Thanks
^ I have a pair. Quality is really good. It's Japanese selvedge. It has a lighter weight and due to the extremewashing it's really soft. At the current sale price I would highly recommend. Its a nice break from dark denim.
How do the slim straight compared to the normal slim fit. I usually wear 33 in slim fit. I have to wear a belt but it fits my thighs perfectly. I'm hoping that I could possibly get away with wering a 32 in the slim white denim that you have. I also figured since they are raw and unwashed I could get some stretching in the thigh.
Does it still have a taper towards the bottom as other slim fits do or is it more of a straight leg bottom. Im also guessing it is really rigid and stiff so it should break in nicely.
^ Can you order these jeans on-line or can you only purchase them in store. I'm really liking the pair with the white battle stripes
New Posts  All Forums: