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Practically new, the best looking wallet around. Boxed, tags etc.   No lowballing, i'll ignore it.    Shipping in the UK is free. Ask for quote for worldwide shipping. I'll ship anywhere at your cost. The US will probably be around $20.
Come on folks. Offers most welcome. Need to sell.
This one. http://www.esquire.com/_mobile/blogs/mens-fashion/cc-filson-nigel-cabourn-090814
It's dark brown mate. They only did brown or olive.
Cabourn sizing it quite consistent for me. 46 in everything besides the obvious 44 in the Everest. Everyone knows they're huge though and are meant for layering. Saying that I had a 48 fairisle that was tiny. Proper action man sizing. It was a sample though from Marrkt so couldn't say about the stuff from the shops. I also have the Breton top in a 48. I just prefer my jackets snug so I stick to 46. I like the little idiosyncrasies in sizing. Shows it's not a robotic...
I can only say WOW on everyone's criticism of Cabourns CS. They have been immense with me. Spare buttons no problem, within 2 days. Answers to emails within an hour or so. They have also done a few repairs free of charge. I have to say the best CS I've ever had of any company, not just fashion. Try talking to Drew on Twitter if you can't get through to CS. Or call the Newcastle office. I can't speak highly enough of them. Sadie and Drew are brilliant.
The Shirley institute is in Manchester. Just a mile up the road from where I live.
I normally wear a 46 in most Cabourn stuff. I managed to get a 44 from 14oz.I think Coggles have the black oil cloth at half price. Full run of sizes down to 46 last time I checked.
I've done the old rugged wash with a Mallory. I had a 48 that was a bit big. I managed to shrink it down by soaking twice. It goes down about half a size each time you do it. I can't say for sure on a vest though. Here's a post with the details. http://www.greyfoxblog.com/2012/05/dry-cleaning-tweed-jackets-try-hand.html
No offers. This is for a quick sale. If I get no offers tonight it's being returned to the shop in the morning. It's cheap as hell this. £700 retail. Size medium. Brand new. Amazing Italian goat suede. PayPal gift or add 5% Postage free in UK. ROW ask for quote.
New Posts  All Forums: