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Yes. The green one like the one I'm selling but with Camo ventile. There were two versions. One with ventile elbow patches and one with leather patches like mine.
I got on there right at the start. They had Mallory's in Camo/crazy (2 versions), Stone, like the one I have in my sig and brown.They got snapped up with 15 minutes or so.They were priced to go fast. £225 for a Mallory is pretty amazing. They're worth double that second hand ;-)
Website has gone into meltdown. Reckon by the time it's back up it will be well rinsed :-(
I had to buy another Mallory at that price. It's a steal.
Marrkt have some amazing deals going on. Get in there quick. Good run of sizes on loads of great pieces. Sort of ruins my stuff in the marketplace, but none of those are a 46.
Some nice reductions at Flannels. White Mallory for £150. A bit fruity but still cheap.
Yes It is. Contact me please.
Email them or get Drew on twitter. Always been great CS for me.
It's a 7. Marked 7. UK 7. US 8.
I have the Stone (for sale below) and the Indigo from this year.It's a different feel for sure. Has a bobbling effect. It's not as "clean" a weave as before. I like the effect. Gives it an aged look. It's been brushed in some way I think to lift the fibres.
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