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They do take time irbe but they have sent me plenty of spares over the years. You could try the Garden house in Newcastle too.
Tbh with or without the Cabourn association it's a bad looking coat. Joke price really and I own an Everest parka. If you saw it in debenhams you wouldn't look twice.
http://www.speedway-shop.com/product/2737 With a proxy will be around £750 Phil. I know a good guy too. Charges 6% plus postage.
I think it's just gonna be mostly what was left from the sale on the old site. Hopefully anyway. I'll be pissed if I miss some great stuff. Shit on a stick.
Hi. Yes sold it a long time ago. Sorry. I have for sale the EG overhead parka from SS15. Let me know if you're interested.
A slimmer body will only make it worse. I'll have to size up on the body and have even longer arms than usual. I have some mainline Japan Mallorys that are perfect in the arms. Probably for the shorter Japanese guys. I wish they did a mainline Mallory in tweed.
Anyone interested in this? Gorgeous new wallet. It's a tad big. Not pocket sized but brilliant for someone. Edit. Can't see a pic on my phone?
That looks contradictory but I'm just talking about the aircrafts, surface and all the other stiff Ventile gear. It's not warm enough for those prices and look shit on a midget like me.
Yeah but it's not about changing style so much. The style is timeless and not about trends. I for one would be horrified if they dropped the Mallorys. There's always interesting colours each year and changing the design would be sacrilegious. To be honest, Mallorys, Cameramen and Everests are just annual staples which I hope never change. I'm an older guy now and don't go for trendy design. Cabourn has it down to tee for the older guys. That being said i don't like any...
It's not the body that worries me. I'm a short arse and the arms are way too long. It's a pain getting the cuffs tailored. The vests are always a size up at least for me. I have 46 Mallorys and the vests I have are 48 and 50 mostly.
New Posts  All Forums: