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I've done the old rugged wash with a Mallory. I had a 48 that was a bit big. I managed to shrink it down by soaking twice. It goes down about half a size each time you do it. I can't say for sure on a vest though. Here's a post with the details. http://www.greyfoxblog.com/2012/05/dry-cleaning-tweed-jackets-try-hand.html
No offers. This is for a quick sale. If I get no offers tonight it's being returned to the shop in the morning. It's cheap as hell this. £700 retail. Size medium. Brand new. Amazing Italian goat suede. PayPal gift or add 5% Postage free in UK. ROW ask for quote.
I know. I've had offers but people expect to get it for peanuts. It will just become another archive piece in my wardrobe. I won't be going lower than £420.
Good deals for Cabourn there. Nothing for me though. Might have bought a Mallory but they haven't any this season.
I'm a discount code freak. I search high and low for them and have never seen one for Corniche. What you after?
Bought an Everest. Need to recoup some funds. It's a bit big on me anyway. I take a true small.
Yeah it's totally waterproof and no wax bleed inside at all. These are large sized. I'd say my small is more a medium. Or pretty much the same as a Cabourn 48.
It's not lined as such. The red plaid in mine and the green on the one you're looking at are part of the garment but not lining. The wool parts are not lining. The reason you can't see most of the wool on the rear is the map pocket. Through the arms and front body there is none of the wool at all, except on the cuffs. That doesn't go up the arms, it's just what you see. The arms and shoulders are doubled up. Hence the Cape. You don't get any wax on the inside. It's still...
I have one. Look in my sig. The inside hasn't got wax on it.
Jesus Christ Phil! A 56 too small? You must be one hell of a big guy. You could get two of me in a 56.
New Posts  All Forums: