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They aren't that warm. Maybe cameraman warm. That's not exactly toasty. Will be perfect for a mild winter. If we get below freezing in the UK you'll need a Mallory under it or another jacket altogether.
I give up. It's functional, looks great and is made of nice fabrics. Fashion takes it's nods form all walks of life. Being in the Cabourn thread, it should be more obvious than most. Just because I wear some of his stuff, doesn't mean I want climb Everest or live in the trenches.
I guess where you live matters too. Workwear is big in the UK fashion market. Barbour and other heritage labels are booming right now.
I buy for style and the weather protection. That's the point isn't it? Otherwise I'd get my grandads Marks & Spencer duffle coat out. Most of the Filson collab looks great. The Work Cape feels even better in person.
I would say the sizing is comparable. My small Work Cape is like a 48, which is considered a small in Cabourn sizing. I know what people mean though. I would say a Cabourn 48 is more like a medium. I'm a small in most clothes and I tend to buy Cabourn 46s which are perfect on me.
Looks nice, but I doubt I'd ever reverse it. Fruity as hell. I bet that costs around £1500 if we ever see one in the west.
Pretty much same as a cameraman 48. They call this a small in Cabourn sizing, but I'm a 46 mallory and cameramen, which I'd call a small. This is much more a medium IMO. Shops I spoke to said it came up big. I just couldn't find an XS after Context sold out in less than a day. So to answer your question, this is really a size 48 in Cabourn sizing. Same as my 48 cameraman. I have a 48 in tweed to wear over my mallory. Otherwise I'm a 46. Do you understand any of that?...
Just got mine and to say it's an amazing jacket is an understatement. It's better than my Cameraman IMO. The oiled cloth has a heavy leather feel to it. It's built like a tank. The only problem is, it's large sized. I grabbed a small but it's still big on me. I now have to decide whether to keep it and wear a Mallory underneath or try and grab an XS which are rare as chickens lips. I might sell this at the right price. I paid a hell of a lot though in postage from US...
Cultizm has some interesting pieces up. Some nice tweed Atkinson jackets.
I'm selling this iPhone 5 32GB in Black. It's the UK version and is factory unlocked. I think this works anywhere in the world so i will ship anywhere at your expense and insured.   it's never been dropped or anything or have and dents, but it has wear from just dropping in and out of my pocket.  The screen and back are in very good condition, just the edges as seen in pics.   It comes boxed with Brand new EarPods. These are sealed and have never even been opened. I...
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