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Great - thank you very much!
Thank you very much for your response!   Perhaps I will give Ambassador Sq Tailors a try. How much did you pay for your stuff?   Thanks for your advise to do a little research and bring pictures. My main problem is that I know nothing about fabric - so if they want to sell synthetic rubbish, I will buy:( Therefor I need a tailor that I can trust!
I don't wear a suit on a regular base, but everytime I want to buy one in Germany, they tell me I would need a MTM.   I will be at Thailand for some weeks so probably I will get myself a suit there. No $100-tourist-suit, but a real good suit that I can wear for some years.   I do not know much about suits, so I need a tailor who can be trusted. Anybody knows if I can go to narin-couture and get a good suit without beeing deceived and being sold a cheap fabric?...
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