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Couldnt decide what to wear today so: Lol just a comparison shot ,Ravello and Cigar, Ravello is my favorite shell color.
want a 10.5 penny.
New makeup @ Epaulet, Cxl LWB on Commando sole and brass eyelets, if you like CXL this can be an excellent all weather LWB , too bad I hate CXL wrinkles. http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/alden/products/alden-for-epaulet-innsbruck-chromexcel-longwing
Thanks ,The Shoemart.
My Cigar is not that dark, here's a comparison pic Between Color 8 and Cigar ,both from recent batches.
Ok hold on, DC got another Grant Cigar boot run or are these remains from the last batch?,read that they got the Cigar captoe blucher (shoe)but didn't know about the boot, or was it the boot and no blucher? Thanks.
Jcrew introduces the first tassel loafer in the Barrie last
And be ready for lots of wrinkles.
Talking about the dovers. Wearing mine today ,love'em.
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