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I already have a few LWB's, that's the reason why I'm trying to decide on a 2nd PTB.Uhmm I don't have any SWB.
Guys, Help me pick up one these shoes for chinos and slacks. 1-Leffot Color 8 unlined Dover 2-Harrison. Ltd. Cigar PTB on Plaza 3-Unionmade color 8 lined Dover on Commando I'd like my shoes to be as versatile as possible so I might wear them with Denim or a sportcoat every now and then., also I already own a Ravello PTB. Thanks.
Definetly Plaza.
Any pics?
Natural CXL LWB today.
Here you go.
No probl., the snuff dover is an awesome shoe , very comfortable and versatile.
Honor your username and "saca una foto" while @Unionmade, I'd love to see a real life pic.
Wondering how these will fit, Dover pattern but lined, all the Unlined Dovers I've tried felt a bit snugger than the lined PTB's , interesting model for sure.
^^those are very nice.
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