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Pretty simple,Damp cloth, brush, a bit, but just a little bit of Reno,brush,buff,Saphir cordovan creme,buff ,brush and more brush,No polish.
Some TLC for the Dovers today. Reno>Cordovan creme>brush>buff>defender>buff>brush and more brush.
BB only sells the Walnut and dark brown colors ,also I'm not a fan of the Poron insole.
Perfect thanks for the info.
It's the one that Nordstrom sells, not sure if it's the Dark or not?, it's listed as Dark Chili Burnished!
Hi guys, I'm going to order a pair of Strands today from the Nordstrom sale , I know this is a personal prefference but will like to hear your opinion , I've narrowed down my options to Chili or Bourbon, which one do you guys think will be more versatile, I haven't seen the Chili in person, tried the Bourbon and Walnut and liked the Bourbon better but from the pics I've seen the Chili looks nice too, I'll wear them with navy,grey and Khakhi twill slacks. Thanks,
Leisure Sunday.
Here you go:http://www.aldenmadisonny.com/ALDENSUEDE2.html
If you're looking at the unlined version in black shell call Alden DC .
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