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^^ all the colors or like last year Strand in Walnut ,Pa in black etc? Thanks.
^^ very nice combo Mike, looks like you have lost some weight
Hi guys, For those of you that have the Gobi and have exp with Clarks DB , do you consider the Gobi a big improvement in quality? , I want a pair of casual chukkas for beaters and looking for comfort, the only shoe I tried with Dainite sole was kind of stiff but I just tried it briefly , with the current sale I can get a Snuff Gobi for just a few bucks more than a Clarks Db and I don't want to spend too much on a suede Chukka, I had a pair of unlined Alden but sold them...
Hi Mike, Regarding the Epaulet/Gitman double faced Khaki Twill shirt is it a thick fall winter fabric or good for summer? Thanks,
Quick question for the guys that have exp. With the 201 last(Rogue), I've read that it runs a bit big and has a high instep and some go 1/2 size down , but what about lenght compared to the 5 last?, is it also longer ,shorter or about the same?, I have a mid to low instep , not sure if I should go with my 5 last size or go down. Thanks.
Anynody has a pic of Brown Strands wanted to get a pair from the sale my 1st option was Chili but they're sold out in my size and the Bourbon available has tiger striping ; only Walnut and Brown available in my size and i like the darker shade better. Thanks.
Great deal , thanks for the pics.
Any pics?
Mike, Regarding the Ends is it Rivet only or will there be Walts available? Thanks,
Mike and Dylan, Any update on the Alden snuff/shell saddle? Thanks.
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