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The new 6 eyelet Leffot suede Chukka looks interesting now I'm trying to decide if I should wait for the Jgilbert on Plaza and Commando or get the Leffot NST on crepe now,decisions.
3 new makeups @ Leffot, Tobbaco Chamois Day tripper(very nice),Alt wien burgundy calf boot on crepe and Navy CXL unlined Chukka.
Mike, Any plans of doing a Brown calf low tennis trainer? Thanks.
Thanks ,only 12d available
Very nice Dmonks ,is the sole similar to the Marlows?or is it softer?
After a few days without wearing shells, Ravello PTB.
+1 There's no sale ,go back to work
Can't open the form , says that I need a permission!!!
So if the Bass Beefrools are made by Rancourt, are they CXL? also should I size down? Thanks,
@Epaulet ,Is there going to be a Black Friday sale?
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