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$5 per eyelet on shoes.$15-$20 to change speedhooks for eyelets on boots.So a Lwb or PTB will be $100(10 eyelets per shoe) at least that's what he quoted me a Couple of weeks ago.
Guys, Regarding the eyelets Nick charges $5 per eyelet the $15-$20 is to change speedhooks for eyelets on boots.
And what was the Loden makeup?
Happy new year guys,black PTB
Going out for dinner with the family , Leffot Color 8 Dovers , first time I wear these with Denim and I like the look.(sorry for the poor pic).
Hi guys, Wondering if anybody has exp. With this particular model from BB: http://www.brooksbrothers.com/Rancourt-Co.-Gentleman%27s-Moccasins/MH00181,default,pd.html?dwvar_MH00181_Color=BRWN&contentpos=3&cgid= Should I go TTS or size down?, also what about ranger mocs sizing (BB version) Thanks,
I own and use the AE brushes, at first I had some issues like others here , looks like AE left some product residue (maybe polish) on a particular batch and they were causing a strange hazing on my shells,I washed them a few times with dishsoap( read that tip here) and after that they've been working perfect.
Hi guys, For those of you with experience with Aberdeen and Van last, Which is roomier in the toe box and heel ,a 1/2 size down Van or a TTS Aberdeen, also which one is longer? Thanks in advance.
So what are these Loake?AS?Thanks.
Check with MrDv he has that boot, like Reppie said I think they're all the same boot with different sole,eyelets etc.
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