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Mike and Dylan, Any update on the Alden snuff/shell saddle? Thanks.
^^ very nice shade, well they don't look Barrie to me so looks like they were right and boots are on the 379x last.
^^ that one looks like Plaza to me,nice boot by the way.
Mike, I think it has been mentioned before but don't remember , Sport trainers run a bit bigger than low trainers right? Also are the prices going to be same as Cuoro Cromo?,special price for pre orders or the same? Thanks.
Jeje , I'm sure you're aware that there's also one on Barrie Listed !
So you got the E width that was listed?
Ravello LWB.
IMHO saddles look better on single sole ,but I'm in no matter what sole you end up going with.
^^ very nice IMHO the Shape of the Copley last looks way better than the Aberdeen for the tassel loafers,
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