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Cigar Gunboats today.
Very nice ,any pics of the Whiskey in natural light?
I had a similar experience , I was considering ordering a snuff Gobi from the RDA sale but saw a suede Strand at Macys and the suede looked cheap , not impressed at all.
^^ Awesome.
Hi guys, So is the Gobi basically a Mojave with a Dainite sole and different color/material, I see both are on the 9 last and both have 2 eyelets, any other differences? Thanks.
Thanks, yes from DC recent batch.
^^Is it the angle of the pic or are the medallions off!!
Hi. Guys, How's the quality of AE suede?, never seen their suede in person, I have Alden suede which I like and I'm thinking about ordering a snuff suede Gobi, is AE suede similar to Alden in quality? TIA.
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