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Sounds good thanks for the info.
For those with experience with Hampton and Plaza last. Which is roomier Hampton or Plaza?, also are they roomier or narrower than a Barrie 1/2 size down ?, specifically in the heel cup. Thanks.
Lots of nice fabrics today , I live in a hot climate so I don't wear flannels or heavyweight fabrics but will like to pick one of the dress pants fabrics that are still up, which one is lighter the chocolate birdseye or the charcoal handstooth, are they comparable in weight to a super 120 wool? Thanks.
^^ Nice boots and Denim.
Now that you guys are talking about comfort , do you find a double waterlock sole more comfortable than a double leather? , I was under the impression that the double waterlock was more comfortable, but after wearing both I think they are easier to break in and a tad softer when new but once they're both broken in I think they're about the same , not sure but I think that the dbl waterlock is a bit heavier also.
Hi Guys, Looking at buying a Strand from the Shoebank, trying to decide between Oxblood,Chili and Bourbon, they're all available in my size, they'll be paired with Navy,grey,Charcoal and khaki , what color you think will be more versatile? TIA.
Anybody here owns the Michigan boot? Wondering if people go TTS or 1/2'size down , boot is on Van last and I keep hearing that boots on Barrie fit smaller than shoes , if same theory applies to Van boots I guess TTS should be the way to go? Thanks.
PSA TSM has a few sizes available on the Ravello Wingtip boot, normally they show the available sizes online and you have to call to order, My size is available but thank God I don't wear dress boots.
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