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^^^^^ Very Nice Uncle those look brand new!!
Uhmm Ravello SW,tempting, Barrie?
I'm not a CXL fan but those SW on Commando look very nice , and I think they're on the Hampton last,interesting.
Ravello PTB today.
Very Nice ,they look more like Ravello than Whiskey which might be good for some, but I was hoping for a lighter shade from the pics I've seen looks like the TSM ones are a bit lighter than the ones from SF
I'm also very intrigued about SF whiskey LWB's , if they end up being that shade they might go back, too close to my ravellos but I have to wait a few days to find out.
I really hope that's the case , if not they'll look almost like my Ravello and makes no sense to me having almost the same shade on the same style.
Thanks for the info , sounds like it's less comfortable than leather,I thought it was similar to a mini lug or crepe, being rubber but looks like that's not the case.
Hi Guys, I have no exp. with Dainite soles and I keep hearing commnets about them being hard to break in etc., Comfort is priority for me , I have my eye on a casual makeup that comes with Dainite so will like to hear your opinons on comfort,grip etc. TIA.
My brief experience with Aberdeen was with an NST blucher the toebox was tight while the heel was still big maybe a tad narrower than Barrie but not by much , , it was a D width , I'm sure an E width was going to be fine on the toebox but not on the heel , IMHO this last has a weird toebox/heel proportion.
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