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Here you go:http://www.aldenmadisonny.com/ALDENSUEDE2.html
If you're looking at the unlined version in black shell call Alden DC .
They look TB to me.
Guys, Is it me or does this "Mahogany Walkabout"on Jcrew looks like a Kudu LWB? https://www.jcrew.com/mens_category/JCrewingoodcompany/Alden/PRD~C0025/C0025.jsp?Nbrd=J&Nloc=en_US&Nrpp=48&Npge=1&Ntrm=Alden&isSaleItem=false&color_name=MAHOGANY%20WALKABOUT&isFromSearch=true&isNewSearch=true&hash=row4
King LWB today.
As you can see this particular whiskey batch (from SF) was too dark and close to Ravello.
^^^ Wow Mike that sure looks nice in your B width!! Awesome shade also.
Mike, What's the deadline for size changes , Says July28th , I'm sure that's a copy paste error?
I'm also worried about that, dark suede colors don't show the medallions well.This is a Reverse chamois LWB:Mike what about Olmsted Ironside Blucher with the natural stihcting like the Indy , Commando sole and matching eyelets , that will look awesomeIMHO.
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