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That model was available in the 9.5E list but you might be right and maybe that's one of the largest sizes for the Japan market.
^^No idea but they have a very nice color.
The pic looks very dark for color 4, more like Cigar so that makes sense.
9750 is Ravello LWB , the 7 can be a type of sole, I've seen 9750 and 97504 both Ravello LWB's ,but not sure what the 7 means , give them a call.
PSA: Don't know if it's a glitch or what since it has not been announced but there's a pre order on Leffot's website for Color 8 LWB on antique, lots of E sizes available.
Dark but nice , I like them.
Sorry color 8 lovers,but Cigar LWB(king IMHO).
Nat CXL today.
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