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Hi Guys, Well I've been an Alden guy but with the recent AE sales adding a few pairs of AE's was a no brainer. -Snuff Gobi: Got them from the Destin outlet ,right shoe is a bit darker but not noticeable from a few feet , also I'm sure it'll even out with some use,one of my Ccards had a cashback offer for the 4th of July so got them @the Shoebanks price + Ccard offer. -Brown Jefferson: I can't find a flaw , I think these were just tried on and just being discontinued for...
Keep the shoes.
^^ Very Nice , can you comment on how the fit comparesto the Alden tassel loafer in the aberdeen last , how's the heel and toebox wider,narrower? Thanks in advance,
Brown Jeffersons today.
I really doubt Adam will exchange those.
Quick question for Mike or Dylan regarding the Wilshire rise, in the measurements chart is the rise ,Full rise like Old rivets or from the crotch like new Rivets?. Thanks.
^^ all the colors or like last year Strand in Walnut ,Pa in black etc? Thanks.
^^ very nice combo Mike, looks like you have lost some weight
Hi guys, For those of you that have the Gobi and have exp with Clarks DB , do you consider the Gobi a big improvement in quality? , I want a pair of casual chukkas for beaters and looking for comfort, the only shoe I tried with Dainite sole was kind of stiff but I just tried it briefly , with the current sale I can get a Snuff Gobi for just a few bucks more than a Clarks Db and I don't want to spend too much on a suede Chukka, I had a pair of unlined Alden but sold them...
Hi Mike, Regarding the Epaulet/Gitman double faced Khaki Twill shirt is it a thick fall winter fabric or good for summer? Thanks,
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