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New PTB on Grant last @ epaulet http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/new-arrivals/products/gustav-grant-last-ptb-brown-chromexcel
Hi Guys, Quick Indy Boot question, I want to buy an Indy Boot , I live in a hot climate and don't wear boots often(only a pair of suede Chukkas) but this winter I'll be traveling to NY and VT , So I want a pair of boots that can take a beating in snow ,rain etc but a pair that are also comfortable for walking in NY and that I can look good with chinos and denim and be wearable in summer weather. My options are , Epaulet Innsbruck on Commando,Leffot Nat Cxl on Commando...
Looks good , funny that they used a pic of the NeedSupply Tan suede Indy which they don't carry and a pic from Haberdash(nat cxl LWB)
Ravello PTB.
Plaza NST's
Very nice ,are these C width?
Very nice, details on the pants please, are those Jcrew Chambray?Thanks,
What happened? I was very interested in it but passed because of the Plaza Last , I like Plaza but IMO it's a casual style on a dressy last!!
^^^ F**g Awesome , I 've never tried the Hampton last but looking at your Gap looks like the Hampton has a high instep!!
Ocho NST's today.
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