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Hi guys, Quick question for those of you with exp. With the Copley last , I know copley has a bit more space in the toebox than Aberdeen but which one is longer, and which one has a wider heel? Thanks,
I like the idea , but Dainite is kind of a deal breaker for me.
If you want to sell it PM me.Thanks.
Pretty simple,Damp cloth, brush, a bit, but just a little bit of Reno,brush,buff,Saphir cordovan creme,buff ,brush and more brush,No polish.
Some TLC for the Dovers today. Reno>Cordovan creme>brush>buff>defender>buff>brush and more brush.
BB only sells the Walnut and dark brown colors ,also I'm not a fan of the Poron insole.
Perfect thanks for the info.
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