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Very nice, details on the pants please, are those Jcrew Chambray?Thanks,
What happened? I was very interested in it but passed because of the Plaza Last , I like Plaza but IMO it's a casual style on a dressy last!!
^^^ F**g Awesome , I 've never tried the Hampton last but looking at your Gap looks like the Hampton has a high instep!!
Ocho NST's today.
Awesome , Mine still in the box unworn :)
Hi Guys, Well I've been an Alden guy but with the recent AE sales adding a few pairs of AE's was a no brainer. -Snuff Gobi: Got them from the Destin outlet ,right shoe is a bit darker but not noticeable from a few feet , also I'm sure it'll even out with some use,one of my Ccards had a cashback offer for the 4th of July so got them @the Shoebanks price + Ccard offer. -Brown Jefferson: I can't find a flaw , I think these were just tried on and just being discontinued for...
Keep the shoes.
^^ Very Nice , can you comment on how the fit comparesto the Alden tassel loafer in the aberdeen last , how's the heel and toebox wider,narrower? Thanks in advance,
Brown Jeffersons today.
I really doubt Adam will exchange those.
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