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I like the Dark brown, but don't like the idea of wearing a shoe with that model # , the snuff is very cool , I like the BB foxing but the BB has std. Oak sole while the Jcrew and SF have the flex sole.
Reguy had the same experience , I beleive his conclusion was that they were on the Hampton last, he's a very knowledge guy when it comes to Alden and their lasts.
Cloudy sky today ,Natt Cxl.
RE,I know the toebox is a bit roomier on the Copley but what about the heel is it wider or similar?Thanks.
Hi guys, Anybody knows if AE is matching. Nordstrom anniv. Sale price on the Strands in other colors than Walnut? Thanks.
Leffot Color 8 Dovers today.
Miami is Ferragamo and Gucci, that might change with a new store in Midtown that has Alden, Gitman Vintage and some raw denim.
These are the laces that came with my Natt. CXL LWB. , they're waxed tan laces, yes I love Jcrew socks.
Cigar LWB. Inside.
At the airport with the family, CXL LWB.
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