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Hi, For those of you with experience with the Plaza last (on shoes) , Which is roomier on the heel and toebox (same model) a Barrie 1/2 size down or a Plaza TTS I'm looking at a makeup that it's available on both Barrie and Plaza last. Thanks.
Sorry for all of you guys with cold weather ,no Alden today,@Punta Cana wearing Sebago boat shoes.
Mike, so the You have to change width if you choose the ind. lining ,they fit different?
And you also like Ravello better 😬
Now I need to decide if I'm going to return the whiskey or sell the Ravello and keep the whiskey
Here are a few pics in different lighting , they're nice but I'm dissapointed with Alden color inconsistency , TSM batch is way lighter than these and what whiskey should really look like IMHO, I don't think it's worth to keep them both,they're too close.
Yes this batch from SF is very close to Ravello , I was hoping for a lighter shade like the TSM ones , Not even sure if it's worth keeping them both , I already own a kind of light Ravello.Not a great pic,but to give you guys an idea how close they are, I'll take a few tomorrow under the sunlight.
My favorite pair of shell, Ravello LWB.
While not a very commn model Alden makes a Whiskey SWB (Blucher) on the Aberdeen last ,There's one retailer that has them on order, not a great pic. but to give you an idea:
Walt cotton trousers.
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