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Walt cotton trousers.
I actually had a pair of whiskey PTB's and sold them last year which sometimes I regret.
Thanks guys ,Cigars are from DC and have dbl Warerlock soles which is a plus IMO.
Are these different enough to keep em all?what do you guys think?if you have to sell one which one will you sell? Ravello has dbl leather,Cigar dbl waterlock and Color 8 is The dover with Flex welt.
Mac I love your whiskey PTB and black laces combination , are those black Alden laces or another brand?
This run has dbl waterlock soles instead of Dbl leather right?
Is that PTB from the recent DC run?
From my exp.CrepeSingle waterlock(not good for a lot of walking,not enough support)CommandoDbl WaterlockDbl leatherHaven't tried Neocork.
So Saz these are TB actually and not Barrie?, interesting, I like the flat waxed laces.
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