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Those Indy's are really cool , wondering how supple is the country calf , is it more like Regina Grain or Alpine?, From my exp. Alden Alpine is very stiff. thanks.
Sounds like you can try 10.5C
Driving with Ravello today
Got the same email.
Nice DoversĀ 
Guys looking at buying an Indy boot what are your thoughts , Innsbruck or LS Vintage? thanks.
Good idea on the discount and donation , you can also do that for other things like shoes or Walts,Shirts etc, a discount never hurts and that's a good way to contribute with a good cause.
Chamois PT boot looks nice , but I don't understand a beater all weather leather with a leather sole , that boot calls for a crepe or commando sole IMHO, I'm not a boot guy so I can be wrong but that's my impression.
New PTB on Grant last @ epaulet http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/new-arrivals/products/gustav-grant-last-ptb-brown-chromexcel
New Posts  All Forums: