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Is it the lighting or are they really that red?, I thought they were more brownish!!
Sorry I meant the Samples.
When are the Walt's going live?
Sorry for the quote, Anybody?
Hi Guys, Need some sizing advice on the Sauk Drive have never owned a shoe on that last. My AE exp., I have a Gobi in 10D (great fit) , and Strand 10.5d (good fit but not great, a tad narrow in the toe box and IMO heel is too big in proportion to the toe box.),my instep is in the mid-low side. Thanks in advance.
No whiskey for me so Ravello Wednesday
Zippyh , from the pics it looks like you have a low instep , do you wear same size as Barrie in the Marlow Wtips and PTB? Thanks.
@Epaulet@EP Sam Hi Guys, I know you've been very busy with all the sneakers pre orders shipping etc, Do you guys have an estimate when will std. orders shipping will resume?, not in a hurry ,just like to know when I can expect something I ordered on Monday that has not been shipped yet. thanks,
Ocho NST's today.
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