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Sorry for the quote, Anybody?
Hi Guys, Need some sizing advice on the Sauk Drive have never owned a shoe on that last. My AE exp., I have a Gobi in 10D (great fit) , and Strand 10.5d (good fit but not great, a tad narrow in the toe box and IMO heel is too big in proportion to the toe box.),my instep is in the mid-low side. Thanks in advance.
No whiskey for me so Ravello Wednesday
Zippyh , from the pics it looks like you have a low instep , do you wear same size as Barrie in the Marlow Wtips and PTB? Thanks.
@Epaulet@EP Sam Hi Guys, I know you've been very busy with all the sneakers pre orders shipping etc, Do you guys have an estimate when will std. orders shipping will resume?, not in a hurry ,just like to know when I can expect something I ordered on Monday that has not been shipped yet. thanks,
Ocho NST's today.
Mike, When are the PTB's going live?, Also are they Mocha or Saddle , can't tell from the pics? Thanks.
Hi Guys quick question for those that have exp. with the Garands, Description says that the rise is similar to the Rivet, is it similar to the Old or New Rivets? Thanks.
Mike or Dylan, Are there going to be some unfinished HH sneakers available for those that didn't pre order them or are they all spoken for, I'd love to be able to get a Sport trainer ? thanks.
Do you guys think a Topy on that single sole will work fine on some rain and snow?, it's a strange combination ,bad weather leather with a single sole?, but it definitely looks very nice.
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