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Sorry meant comfort and quality of the leather, Alden calf vs Trickers calf,Trickers suede vs Alden suede etc.Thanks.
Hi, Any of you guys here own Tricker stow boots? Wondering how they compare to Alden Indy Boots in comfort and quality of the leather. Alden calf vs. trickers calf Etc. Thanks.
^^^pics please.
I love the snuff LWB but you already have two snuff shoes in the rotation.I vote for the tan LWB, don't know if you like the city mocs , haberdash has them on sale for $399.
I'm curious about the snuff PTB looks too sleek for Barrie, Leydon maybe?
New makeup @ Needsupply. http://needsupply.com/idlewood-ptb.html Don't like it,but some here love ladycalf.
Hi, Question to my Alden brothers, I know there're tons of Denim threads but will like to hear Alden guys opinions , I've narrowed down my choices to APC or Unbranded for my 1st raw denim , I'd like to buy a 3sixteen later but for now don't want to spend more than $150 , I can get an APC for about $148 so difference between unbranded and APC is about 60. Is the price difference worth it? Or are the Unbranded decent quality? Also I'll wash them , I'm not into the don't...
Hi guys, I'm new to the Raw Denim world , I know that therre're tons of threads with lots of great info about these Denims. But question in very simple , I've narrowed down my options to APC or Unbranded , I can get the APC 20% from retail , so the difference will be about $60 , are the APC worth the price difference? , I'd love to buy a pair of 3sixteen later but for now don't want to spend more than 150. Experience on APC vs Unbranded? Thanks in advance for your...
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