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Awesome new makeup @ Leffot, Tobacco Chamois NST boot on Barrie, almost pulled the trigger but I'm not much of a boot guy and with that $$ I can get something that will get much use. http://leffot.com/shop/new-arrivals/40346hc-tobacco-chamois-tanker.html
Quick boot sizing question, If you get a bit of heel slip on a barrie shoe , but nothing dramatic (can be resolved with a tongue pad and is just one foot )will a Barrie boot feel the same or is the heel slip reduced on boots because of extra lacing and support? Sorrry I'm not a boot guy and will like to hear your thoughts. Thanks,
Another vote for straight fit with narrower LO.
Anybody has a Bizrate code? ,searched on google and didn't find any. Thanks.
Anybody has pics of the Scotchgrain Alt Wien? My size is available and I'm tempted? How's carmina Scotchgrain compared to Alden or AS? Thanks,
Sole,and heel makes me think it's TB , but if you provide the#'s inside the shoe i'm sure some of the Alden Gurus can get that info directly from Alldem,Thanks,
[[spoiler]]Awesome boot,but Neocork uhmm!,
How did you size the Singleton compared to the 5 last?Thanks.
Quick Leydon sizing question: I know the consensus for the Leydon Chukkas is TTS +one width up , but what about Leydon std. lined shoes, do you go TTS or still go up in width too? Is the Leydon narrower than Aberdeen?Aberdeen TTS fits me well, but have never tried Leydon. Thanks.
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