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Question for Indy owners , I asked about it's comfort before , but is the Neocork sole flexile? Similar to the flexwelt or is it stiff as a double leather one? Thanks.
Hi, I have a pair of NIB (just tried) Alden Cigar LWB , I just got them this week and paid $730 for them, they're beautiful shoes and almost impossible to find at the moment , I just changed my mind and want something else , these are 9.5 D Barrie last. Very small crease on left shoe from trying them , see pics. I'm open to negociate but not willing to take a big loss since these are very difficult to find shoes and NIB. Sorry for the bad Ipad pics. Thanks.
IMPORTANT NOTE: i will also be making more megathreads one dedicated to usa made rl shoes (rancourt and allen edmonds) and one for rl made in italy, i also will post in sw&d a thread of rrl boots and shoes shortly When?? Thanks.
Hi guys, Quick sizing question , I'm no AE expert and the only shoe I have is a Neumok , I'm looking at buying a PA , and will like to know if I should go with the same size as the Neumok since both shoes are made on the same last , but Neumok is unlined so not sure. Also is it normal for these to run very narrow ? , I'm normally a D in Alden and other shoes and had to go with a EE on the Neumok , even the E was tight. Thanks,
^^^ very nice , how's the quality of suede compared to Alden,C&J etc. Thanks.
Thanks guys sounds good , the Walnut Indy on Unionmade looks very good and comes with commando sole , but no sold on the walnut color , I really like the Chromexcel 403.
Guys, Quick question , is the Indy considered a comfortable boot ?, I know they're rugged and can take anything but comfortwise how's the Neocork sole? , I've never seen or tried one , I did try a Crepe sole and while I didn't like the look it was very comfortable. I'm not into dress boots but want one for jeans and Khakis and like the 403 but comfort is very important to me. Thanks.
Guys one quick question , if you have to choose from Cigar or Ravello LWB? Which one will you choose , This will be my first shell LWB , not interested in color 8 or black . Thanks.
^^^ very nice are those the Leffot version?
Save more than a hundred bucks just for trying them. $375
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