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Hi Guys, Quick sizing question. I wear 10d in Barrie and 10.5 in the BB wingtip(Plaza or M58), the 10d in the Barrie fits me well but doesn't feel huge like some people say, so basically I'm on the wide side of "D" width. I've never tried an Abeerdeen shoe and I'm looking at a pair of Tassel loafers, should I go TTS 10.5d or 10E? Thanks.
Pick one of these boots: Jcrew 403 Jcrew Snuff Indy Jcrew natt. CXL on Commando (the new one) Keep in mind that this will be my only boot ,I'll wear it exclusively with denim and chinos, comfort is very important, no snow here but I should be able to wear it on light rain. Thanks.
Very nice , where are these from?
Post some pics.
Anybody having issues with the Leffot website?
Jgilbert has a Pre order for that shoe, you can check some pics @ the AoC website , looks very nice.
Hi Guys, I have a store credit at Leffot , the credit is for $625 , If interested in anything from them , I'll sell the credit for $550 and you'll save $75 . I'll have to place the order and have it shipped to you. Pm for details if interested. Thanks.
Indy guys. Which sole is heavier the lug sole on the 404 or the std. neocork? Thanks.
What's mediocre for you can be good for somebody else,thanks for sharing your opinion.
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