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How's the fit on the Ivy lofers? TTS?
Just received my Whiskey shell wallet from Ashland leather , awesome,love the shade.
Here's a better pic. Of the Ravello LWB next to Cigar LWB and Ravello PTB.
I'll try to post some pics tomorrow, just got my pair today but haven't seen them in natural light yet,here's a quick pic(poor lighting) next to Cigar.Both models are actually lighter than what they look in the pic.
Hmm I was hoping for a lighter shade on the ravello LWB's , looks like these are on the dark side like the latest batch , any outdoor pics? Thanks,
Thanks Aldenfan, the PTB are from DC and the pants are Ted Baker from Nordstrom.
Love the Chukkas very Nice Mike.
+1, my next shell will be black.
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