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They're both nice but I'm with DV Marlow is nice but too pointy and sleek for casual, I had to sell mine since they were not a good fit for me ,Barrie size too narrow and TTS the instep was too big needing insoles or tongue pads, I like the Marlow color better but the 975 is way more comfortable and a best fit for me., in the other hand the Marlow medallion and stiching is very nice better than Alden IMHO but shell finish is better on the Alden. The Marlow is like a mix...
Cigar LWB Maiden Voyage.
^^ very nice , are these the NeedSupply version? You sure they're on Barrie , looks like TB to me.
^Cxl Indy, the reverse NST looks good but not sure about single sole on a beater boot!!
Those are Barrie, from my exp. NST's on Barrie feels tighter than LWB's and PTB's.
^^who needs shell ,beautiful.
Quick question, when a particular shoe/size says "order now handcrafted for you in 8 weeks" does it really take 8 weeks or is it normally less? Thanks,
Hi Guys, I think I'm going to forego my Leffot color 8 dover pre-order due to some recent vacation plans. Size 10d , PM me if interested , if not I'll just work something out and get them Thanks.
No Aldens today
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