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Wow good score, I honestly don't understand TSM I called early and first thing I asked was about LWB's in any rare color and was told none were available,size 10 also.
Help me pick one, snuff unlined PTB or Brown CXL PTB!! I like them both and can wear suede all year long , it'll be for chinos and denim and maybe khaki pants. I know both will do the job, but will like to hear your opinions, I've never owned a cxl shoe so not sure how comfortable and durable it is?. Thanks.
Hi guys, Quick sizing question. I have no exp. with Plaza last , I'm 10d in Barrie, What size should I order in Plaza? 10.5? Also is 10.5d in Plaza similar , wider or narrower than a 10d Barrie? Thanks.
Hi Guys, This is a pair of new Ravello LWB , these are from the latest Dark Ravello batch , I just got them a week ago , unfortunately they're not a good fit and I tried them so can't return them , they have never been out of the house , just tried them inside to check fit . These are almost impossible to get , I was lucky enough to get a pair from Alden SF. Come with box , bags etc. For some reason I can't upload the pics. Pm me your email for pics. Thanks.
I'm not a boot guy , but I really like that one.
Try AoC.
They're not 10.5 as avertised, I contacted the seller because dimensions were not in the 10.5 range , they're 9uk, he thinks 9uk is like a 10.5 Us but in the Marlow is more like a 9.5US.
Joining the Ravello family
Nice score Namor , now why all muchocoins shoes are 11 and 11.5 Daamm.
Any pics?I'd like to see real life pics of these with the crepe sole.Thanks,
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