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^^ If you're ok with lots Of wrinkles then is up to color and sole preference, I like the CXL color better, but hate CXL wrinkles, people here love CXL and I agree that's a very comfortable and resistent leather but after owning two pairs I came to the conclusion that CXL is not for me at least on Aldens, For some reason the Rancourt CXL beefrolls i've seen doesn't wrinkle as bad as Aldens.
Very nice BK, did you go Barrie size or TTS?
I also asked the same question because the sole pic looks like TB. But the the uppers looks like Barrie, tyey have no idea this is the answer I received:Hi,This is a great question and I am researching into this to find out for you. As soon as I receive the answer, I will email you again and let you know. This may take a few days, but I want to make sure I get the right answer.In the meantime, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out - I'm happy to...
^^I tried a pair during the anniv. Sale and found them very comfortable , but didn't buy them for the same reason(own a pair of Natt cxl) , Also still don't like the idea of bal/casual combination.
Casual Friday Ravello w/ 3sixteen denim.
There are a few non shell makeups that I like but for me it's hard to justify paying retail , when you can get some models on sale @BB and sometimes @Jcrew, but I have to admit that some are very unique like the Leffot Chamois boot and Epaulet Innsbruck Indy boot.
Thanks Mike.
Guys, Sorry for the dumb question since I don't post that much, how do I use spoilers from the mobile site? Thanks.
Nice combo,love the denim.
Anybody has pics of the Chamois LWB's with some miles? Wondering if they wrinkle as bad as CXL.
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