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Can you please post some pics of the Cxl Chukkas in the wild?Thanks.
^^^ AoC Ravello,Old Ravello(DC?),DC latest Ravello, awesome collection.
There's been some Alpine Grain talk lately. Alpine Grain LWB's today.
King LWB.
I could be wrong but I think SF boot has the medallion only no captoe like Sazon's boot.
Whiskey Wednesday.
Not Alden related but like to hear Alden fans opinions. What do you guys think of Paraboot shoes?quality? , I have my eyes on a pair but have never seen one in person . Thanks.
^ Grant
Yeah I saw some Ravello boots also.model 4030 , also Ravello Chukka and a few models I haven't seen before like this saddle.
Jgilbert has a Kudu PTB on Plaza.
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