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Nat CXL today.
SF and DC version have black edge like this one:
The one. I have is 10E and I'm ooking at 10.5d .I know is hard to tell from a pic but Here's one and you can see the gap on my 10e's , the fit nice all around.
Quick sizing question. I have a fifth av. In 10E and fit is good, I'm lookig at buying a Strand from the Tent sale and the selection is limited in 10e , do you think there will be a big difference in fit between the 10E and 10.5D ?. Asking because the selection is way better in 10.5d. Thanks.
Jeje yeah ,that was @ a Footlocker buying some sneakers for my son, strange lighting.
More Ravello .
Uncle in that pic it looks like you had the King Saddle NST on your left foot and NST on the right.
Quick sizing question, How do you guys size the 7 last vs 5 last , looking at getting a pair of PA from the JAB deal , I wear 10E in the 5 last. Thanks.
I had the Alpine grain but Not the Unionmade version the DC , only difference is the sole (Commando vs. Double Waterlock) and the color is very rich and nice but the leather is a bit stiff, between your choices ,I'd take the Alpine , it's also a good leather for rain etc.Here's a pic.
^^ that's not a 5th av. ,pointier and has some extra broguing , doesn't look like an AE to me.
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