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Thanks ,The Shoemart.
My Cigar is not that dark, here's a comparison pic Between Color 8 and Cigar ,both from recent batches.
Ok hold on, DC got another Grant Cigar boot run or are these remains from the last batch?,read that they got the Cigar captoe blucher (shoe)but didn't know about the boot, or was it the boot and no blucher? Thanks.
Jcrew introduces the first tassel loafer in the Barrie last
And be ready for lots of wrinkles.
Talking about the dovers. Wearing mine today ,love'em.
Funny how a good Marketing can help you sell anything , Leffot is doing a pre order for a model that is readily available(snuff medallion bal)@ TSM,DC,SF , it was even on sale @Bensilver a few weeks ago,they're doing their job and I'm sure they will sell them , the power of good mkting skills.
Speaking of widths, I'm curious are the CJ lasts , combination lasts like Alden? , what I mean is , if moving from a 10D to a 10E will the heel also change to a wider width like Alden B/D,C/E etc. Thanks,
Up for sale is a beautiful pair of Alden Cigar Shell Cordovan LWB's in size 10D on the Barrie Last, as you know these are very difficult to find, this pair is fresh from a Shoemart Recent batch(you can see the #'s inside the shoe starts with a 4, that means 2014 batch), I can provide a copy of the email receipt to the buyer, shoes have been worn only 6 times since I bought them ,sole and heels have minimal wear, uppers in excellent shape, awesome shoe in Rare Cigar...
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