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Miami is Ferragamo and Gucci, that might change with a new store in Midtown that has Alden, Gitman Vintage and some raw denim.
These are the laces that came with my Natt. CXL LWB. , they're waxed tan laces, yes I love Jcrew socks.
Cigar LWB. Inside.
At the airport with the family, CXL LWB.
That model was available in the 9.5E list but you might be right and maybe that's one of the largest sizes for the Japan market.
^^No idea but they have a very nice color.
The pic looks very dark for color 4, more like Cigar so that makes sense.
9750 is Ravello LWB , the 7 can be a type of sole, I've seen 9750 and 97504 both Ravello LWB's ,but not sure what the 7 means , give them a call.
PSA: Don't know if it's a glitch or what since it has not been announced but there's a pre order on Leffot's website for Color 8 LWB on antique, lots of E sizes available.
New Posts  All Forums: