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Anybody has a real life pic. Of the AOC AF86 brown suede LWB. Thanks
Sizing question. I wear 9.5EE on the 5 last and 9.5E on Alden Barie, what size do you think I should try on the 7 (Mcneil) last. Thanks.
Edit. Don't want to break any rules. Thanks.
Question for Rancourt experts since I have no exp. with them. Is the RL Elrick the same as Rancourt Baldwin? Looks very similar and I was told that the RL was made by Rancourt, also any sizing advice on these , do they run TTS? Or should I size down. Thanks in advance.
Are AE stores matching Nordstrom prices at the moment or do we have to wait until the AS starts for the general public next week? Thanks,
Not 100% sure but if you can see it on the regular website is not part of the AS, most of the items that are included in the AS are not available on the website right now, unless you're a cardholder , at least with the shoes that's the case. Thanks.
Eddie are all USA ! D widths? Thanks.
No Walnut Mccallisters!! Damm.
Question for Indy owners , I asked about it's comfort before , but is the Neocork sole flexile? Similar to the flexwelt or is it stiff as a double leather one? Thanks.
Hi, I have a pair of NIB (just tried) Alden Cigar LWB , I just got them this week and paid $730 for them, they're beautiful shoes and almost impossible to find at the moment , I just changed my mind and want something else , these are 9.5 D Barrie last. Very small crease on left shoe from trying them , see pics. I'm open to negociate but not willing to take a big loss since these are very difficult to find shoes and NIB. Sorry for the bad Ipad pics. Thanks.
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