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Dylan, When are you guys shipping the cuoro cromo trainers? Thanks,
I see that the rise is now different?, used to be 11.25 for a 34 and now 10" according to the measurements chart, is that correct ?or is it a typo ? Thanks,
Plaza NST today.
I used to be a Ferragamo guy., I still own a pair:)
Mike, What's the status of the Cuoro Cromo trainers?
When are the 130's going live?
Mike, Regarding the Reda fabrics are these lightweight fabrics Good for summer or are they on the heavy side? Thanks.
Thanks to coffeegrowler for all the effort but I'm out as well, bad thing is that I was going to buy a Strand from the shoebank sale and now sale is over.
Mike, Is the EFF still going to happen on Friday if yes aprox. At what time? Thanks,
They received a small restock according to their IG page.
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