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Call one of the big stores, last year I ordered a pair of wingtips that were sold out online from the NY Madison store and they honored the corp. discount.
Ravello LWB with Epaulet trousers today.
Nice snuff LWB Mike , it's hard to find a snuff LWB with flex welt and exposed eyelets these days.
DC used to make the Ravello LWB with dark trim but latest batch came with antique.
Hi Guys, Question for BB LHS owners ,I know all or most of the alden for BB models run TTS , What about Their LHS version being unlined , TTS or same as Alden 986 1/2 size down? Thanks.
That's because they're new , just kidding bro , those are nice , like I said on the lined models the wrinkles are less of course., It's a matter of personal taste , some like the patina and wrinkles some don't , still lots of nice models on CXL like this Epauket LWB., my other issue is strechting at least that was my exp.
People here in the Alden thread love CXL, I might be the minority but IMHO Alden CXL is not worth the $$, it's very comfortable and supple but like bakes said ,it wrinkles like crazy and strechtes a lot ,I had a brown unlined CXL and a Natural CXL LWB , the natural being a LWB and lined had less wrinkles but still a lot for my taste, the PTB was comfortable and versatile but I hated all the wrinkles.I don't know what's the difference (I think they all come from Horween)but...
Ok Thanks.
Hi Guys, Those of you that have experience with TSM returns, aprox. how long they take to process returns?, I sent a pair of shoes back and they were received on monday and the status on my account still says "Awaiting for merchandise". Thanks.
Very Nice Mike , please post a pic next to a Ravello LWB. Thanks,
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