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I used to be in RC(radio control) sailplanes and helis but not the toys you now find at any walmart etc, I mean European competition machines made of carbon Fiber and Kevlar with top pf the line electrical components, and I don't even want to think about how much I used to spend on that hobby, I find Aldens cheap when I compare.
Ravello and Chups kind of day.
Ocho NST's today.
Hi Guys, One quick question about the BB unlined LHS, I know from past experience with the Shell and suede Dovers that they fit snugger than lined PTB's, is it the same case with the BB loafers do they fit snugger than the lined Std LHS?? Thanks,
Thanks , Titleist AP1 irons(the first edition more than 10yrs old)+Cobra 2 iron, Callaway Big Bertha Dr and Odyssey put(don't use hybrid or fwy woods).
Hi Guys,   Incredible !!first post of 2016 , it's been a while .   Whiskey LWB.   From the Whiskey shades I've had in the past this is by far the nicest one.  
Very Nice , are those EG Piccadilly's?
Guys will post this here since the Wilshire thread is not up yet , I have a pair of Ring Ring in size 34 that didn't fit me , I got them when they were on sale for $100 , I'll let them go for the actual $75 sale price plus shipping even though they were no Ring Ring on size 34 on the current sale., if nobody wants it I'll just give them to my brother. thanks.
Since we are talking about Wilshires ,I have a pair of Ring Ring size 34 , new unworn ,got them a few weeks ago when they were o sale for $100, they're not the right size for me , if interested PM me. thanks.
Ravello and blue.
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