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From my exp.CrepeSingle waterlock(not good for a lot of walking,not enough support)CommandoDbl WaterlockDbl leatherHaven't tried Neocork.
So Saz these are TB actually and not Barrie?, interesting, I like the flat waxed laces.
^^^^^ Very Nice Uncle those look brand new!!
Uhmm Ravello SW,tempting, Barrie?
I'm not a CXL fan but those SW on Commando look very nice , and I think they're on the Hampton last,interesting.
Ravello PTB today.
Very Nice ,they look more like Ravello than Whiskey which might be good for some, but I was hoping for a lighter shade from the pics I've seen looks like the TSM ones are a bit lighter than the ones from SF
I'm also very intrigued about SF whiskey LWB's , if they end up being that shade they might go back, too close to my ravellos but I have to wait a few days to find out.
I really hope that's the case , if not they'll look almost like my Ravello and makes no sense to me having almost the same shade on the same style.
Thanks for the info , sounds like it's less comfortable than leather,I thought it was similar to a mini lug or crepe, being rubber but looks like that's not the case.
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