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Hi Guys, If anybody is interested in a pair of Whiskeys LWB in size 10C , pm me , I have a pair that I have worn 4 times only in like new shape they're not a good fit for me so they have not been worn in the last 2 months , letting you guys know before I put them on eBay ,I'm not looking at making $ so if anybody wants them I just want to get what I paid, they're from the last DC batch, PM me for further details. Sorry If I'm breaking any rules, just passing the info...
Good to hear , actually I want them to do lots of walking, Don't know how comfortable commando is for walking.
That was me , been looking at those two models actually , trying to determine if the Extra $200 are worth it for the Indy , I like the Commando sole but the Crepe is very comfortable also., decisions.
HI Guys, Looking at a snuff suede boot , I don't wear dress boots but want to get a snuff boot that it's comfortable for walking and versatile, I'm trying to decide between a Plain Toe Boot (BB version with crepe sole) or an Indy Snuff suede with Commando sole . Opinions are welcome , comfort is my priority, It doesn't snow where I live but I normally travel to the NE and Canada in christmas so a sole that is good for snow is a + but that is not my top priority. TIA.
Casual Friday.
NST on Plaza.
Whiskey LWB.
Looks like today is Ravello day, Ravello LWB , My favorite pair of shell.
If it has just one letter , most likely it's a BB version , can't tell from the pics if it has the foxing in the back , but I think they're the BB version and actually B width, but I can be wrong.
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