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Speaking of widths, I'm curious are the CJ lasts , combination lasts like Alden? , what I mean is , if moving from a 10D to a 10E will the heel also change to a wider width like Alden B/D,C/E etc. Thanks,
Up for sale is a beautiful pair of Alden Cigar Shell Cordovan LWB's in size 10D on the Barrie Last, as you know these are very difficult to find, this pair is fresh from a Shoemart Recent batch(you can see the #'s inside the shoe starts with a 4, that means 2014 batch), I can provide a copy of the email receipt to the buyer, shoes have been worn only 6 times since I bought them ,sole and heels have minimal wear, uppers in excellent shape, awesome shoe in Rare Cigar...
Check with Supply & Advise in Miami , last time I visited the store he told me he had a few makeups in production inlcuding a hunter green LWB and tassel loafer.
From my exp. If there's heel slip now , it won't go away, the soles will brek in but at the same tine the cork will compress and there will be more room , if it's just a tiny bit of heel slip a tongue pad might help but if you're getting a considerable amount of slip return them, just IMO.
Yeah when you add shipping you're just a few bucks away from shell,but still an awesome makeup,commando+NST+Tobbaco Chamois!!
Awesome new makeup @ Leffot, Tobacco Chamois NST boot on Barrie, almost pulled the trigger but I'm not much of a boot guy and with that $$ I can get something that will get much use. http://leffot.com/shop/new-arrivals/40346hc-tobacco-chamois-tanker.html
Quick boot sizing question, If you get a bit of heel slip on a barrie shoe , but nothing dramatic (can be resolved with a tongue pad and is just one foot )will a Barrie boot feel the same or is the heel slip reduced on boots because of extra lacing and support? Sorrry I'm not a boot guy and will like to hear your thoughts. Thanks,
Another vote for straight fit with narrower LO.
Anybody has a Bizrate code? ,searched on google and didn't find any. Thanks.
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