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Thanks ,only 12d available
Very nice Dmonks ,is the sole similar to the Marlows?or is it softer?
After a few days without wearing shells, Ravello PTB.
+1 There's no sale ,go back to work
Can't open the form , says that I need a permission!!!
So if the Bass Beefrools are made by Rancourt, are they CXL? also should I size down? Thanks,
@Epaulet ,Is there going to be a Black Friday sale?
Sounds good thanks for the info.
For those with experience with Hampton and Plaza last. Which is roomier Hampton or Plaza?, also are they roomier or narrower than a Barrie 1/2 size down ?, specifically in the heel cup. Thanks.
Lots of nice fabrics today , I live in a hot climate so I don't wear flannels or heavyweight fabrics but will like to pick one of the dress pants fabrics that are still up, which one is lighter the chocolate birdseye or the charcoal handstooth, are they comparable in weight to a super 120 wool? Thanks.
New Posts  All Forums: