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Looks like cxl.
Wash it with dishsoap , let it dry and try again.
Crooked lace flaps on the right boot?
Thanks Sazon ,DC.
Ravello. LWB today.
Do they feel softer than the regular non distressed Wilshires?
Personally I will never buy an unlined CXL , here's a comparison pic between a used shell PTB and a new unlined CXL ptb, I took the pic while trying the CXL it Was new never worn.
Mike, Quick sizing question about the Schott Car coat, the description says that in runs TTS but then says that the L=40R, I have no exp with EP suits or coats, I wear 42r in suits/blazers and L in BB shirts, 5'11" 200lbs, you think the XL will work or will it be too big? Thanks.
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