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Looking for a cheap belt to wear with a new pair of raw jeans. Could someone point me toward any leather goods makers that frequent this forum?
Quote: Originally Posted by TylerDurden Clarks Desert boots in leather. I've been using them all winter in the snow (no traction with these) and have walked all over the place. They are easily put on on, and if you treat the bee's wax leather, there pretty much water/snow proof. Thanks for taking the time to reply, but I already own a pair of Clarks DB in Beeswax. I'm pulling the trigger on the Jack Purcells; going to wait on the boots for now.
Looking for sub $200 boots and sub $100 sneakers. I want the boots to be able to take a beating, but look nice. I'd like the sneakers to be grey or black, and this is what I've come across so far... Boots: Sneakers: Thoughts or suggestions?
Still no photos, I apologize. I will try to get some taken and uploaded this week for sure. In the meantime, I'll lower the price to $90 shipped. Please PM or post if you have any questions.
If you need sizing, I can try to do that too but I have no experience in that so I'll have to look up a guide. I love this coat, but unfortunately I'm strapped for cash and the sleeves are a bit too short anyway so I can pass this on to someone who will appreciate it more. Asking $90 shipped Stock photos and details: SOLD
Bought a pair of N&F off m3 her0 at a great bargain. Quick shipping and fast replies means I would do business again.
Decent prices, but I'm guessing mediocre quality.
Alright. I'm just astonished because people are usually praising the speed of MJK's shipping. I remember receiving a jacket at a relatively speedy pace as well. Oh well, no big deal.
What time do shipments usually get delivered? I ordered on Wednesday night and my mail was delivered already today (PA, USA). Would they deliver my shirt separately or does this mean it will be here Monday? Ordered a XS of this
Those button downs look fantastic. Clever name, apocalypse later. I love that movie.
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