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I used Kiwi cordovan on my cordovan 8 boots.   
Was it allowed to dry after use? 
Same thing almost happen to mine. But I insist watching him installing the half-sole.
And don't forget that this is dress boots. So it is good IMO if it can stand this long with outdoor activities.
Thank you sir. I'm going to get the Watson next month for the summer wear.
I'm a 9D on normal shoes (Wolverine brand). Size 8.5 Wolverine 1k boots feel snug after a long day walk.
Thank you sir. It is very relaxing doing this.
Just wear it. If needed add a little bit of Kiwi Cordovan polish on that area and brush. The towel can sometimes exacerbate the damage further. This is a pull up leather and usually rubbing by oily hand helps to remove those marks.   Here is mine.      
My shoes after applying Saphir conditioner and medium brown polish wax. The conditioner soften the shoes and surprisingly shine them as well. The polish wax makes the brown colour richer. I also applied the conditioner to my collector's edition SBL small briefcase and get a deep honey colour from it. The photo has not been edited. Btw these are the 1883 collection, Darin.  
 First of all I don't have black boots but out of boredom I did polished my brother's worn out black leather boots. 1. To apply the black polish I use soft polyester cloth (avoid any stitched part of the cloth to avoid scratching of the boots). Make sure you clean the boots first with wet cloths and then apply some leather conditioner before you do this. Leave sometimes for the boots to dry before each application. And don't forget to brush each time using horse hair...
New Posts  All Forums: