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AT was there since the beginning. It was the option that comes with power steering where as the MT does not have in 1991. Still I was able to top the speed at 270 km/hr. Twice. It was very stable up to 240 km/hr. After that it was all down to tire grip and a lot of concentration. Twice is enough for me. Beyond 240 km/hr I left Mitsubishi Evo and Subaru STi behind. That was 10 years ago. Now I drive like an old lady. :D
Thank you. Here is a photo to show how low the car is compared to other cars. 
My view from inside the NSX. This is at the standard height.  
I got back home to Brunei last month for holiday. The NSX has been sitting in the garage for two years. I had it towed to a workshop and had all the fluid change done and new gas. Air con gas was refilled. The car drives smoothly after two years of storage. Still a good for daily driving but very tempting to go fast. 
My two cars. 1993 Honda NSX which I own for 14 years and 2013 Peugeot 107.  
I used Kiwi cordovan on my cordovan 8 boots.   
Was it allowed to dry after use? 
Same thing almost happen to mine. But I insist watching him installing the half-sole.
And don't forget that this is dress boots. So it is good IMO if it can stand this long with outdoor activities.
Thank you sir. I'm going to get the Watson next month for the summer wear.
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