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Finally I am settled with the Ray Ban glasses. I first got the Oakley Mortar but the lens is a little too small for me especially when reading so I got myself the Tom Ford despite being advised by the shop to get the Ray Ban for better fit.   The Tom Ford was not built for asian face. Nose bridge was fine but the top of the frame does not accommodate my eyes enough.   Always listen to your specs specialist.      
I always told my brothers when they are buying their cars to first size their wallet. If they can't afford to these three things, they need to lower down a little on their expectation.    - Buying price (make sure you can pay for it be it in cash or lease)   - Running cost (this includes gas, maintenance, insurance, tires etc)   - Repair (self explanatory)   One struggled with the first two and the other with the last two. After both got married they have to let go...
This one does. Lol.
My daily drive. Toyota engine and chassis with European badge. Very good gas milage and very easy to park.      Here is me looking like a tourist posing next to 007's car. Love the salesman's puzzled look.
Very nice Supra hd! Is it the RZ?   Supra is a rarity in my country and any owners are not willing to sell theirs.   My bro's Mitsu GT is equipped with HKS air intake and Borla straight exhaust with upgraded manual transmission (his last gf trashed the gearbox). The youngest one's M3 is all Gruppe-M equipped (intakes and exhaust) inherited from previous owner.   Excuse my pickup height. I had to adjust it prior to selling the kit to the supra's owner who sold his...
The car has gone thru 5 sets of wheels from the oem 5 spokes, oem 7 spokes, Black Racing sports, Volk Racing TE37 and Works VSKF. Next wheels will be Work Meister S1 in 17x8 and 18x9.5.  
My 1993 NSX which I did a face lift in 2005.     Me in the Batman t-shirt. My visiting friend posing on the driver side.
Hi,   I'm new here. Here are my daily glasses not including others that I have but seldom use. Next will be Oakley Pit Boss 2 with prescription lenses.     Oakley X-metal juliet with prescription lenses. Polarized black iridium.   Not a sunglasses. Tom Ford TF5146.
The tongue on my right boot is also off center. It was straight when I newly bought it but because I drive my car with these maybe that's why the tongue shifted.  
New Posts  All Forums: