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 That's a great explanation. Thanks MWS. I asked for wheeling on each of my MTO's, and when Allison mentioned "fudging" I didn't know what she meant. 
Thanks ColdIron. I too have the black shell PA, chosen based on how great your shoes looked. I did these as a "sort-of" MTO last summer (I ordered directly from Allison, but didn't really customize anything except adding a wheeled edge). I have only worn them a handful of times, but I think they look great and I am glad I have them. That said, I will likely end up wearing the burgundy more than the black. 
 These look great, I would get a pair if I could. I had the chance to do this as an MTO last summer but went with cappuccino shell instead. I like my choice, but this is a fantastic shoe.
During the outlet sale a few months ago, they had a pair of burgundy shell Park Avenues in my size of 12D. I passed on them, even though they were at a great price ($299). Then I saw some pictures posted here, by bucksfan, so I changed my mind. Too late, as now they were gone (perhaps sold to bucksfan?).   Fortunately, there was another pair available during the sale last month and I purchased them immediately. Hardly any flaws that I can see, and I think I will end up...
 They look very similar. I'd go with the "basic glazed", as someone posted a question on the AE site at the link you provided above, and this was the answer from AE: Allen Edmonds Basic Glazed Replacement Laces are simply a new and improved version of our Dawhyde Waxed Laces; both feature a waxed coating which helps to keep your laces tightly tied throughout the entire day.Please feel free to contact us with any additional questions.Allen Edmonds Customer Service
This is a great thread, thanks for setting it up Mike. It is nice to see all the excellent MTO's that have been created.    I was able to get in on this last summer while they still had walnut and cappuccino shell available. I ended up getting one of each color: walnut shell Cliftons and cappuccino shell Strands. Both had basically the same makeup:   - single Rendenbach leather sole - light brown edge with wheeling - chili welt   I really like how both of these...
 As several have suggested, you should get these. I wore my pair yesterday and really like them, and think they look even better after a year than they did new.
Nice looking shoes in my opinion. I considered getting a pair a few months ago but I think they were around $230. I believe they are called the Schautal, at least that's what it said on the box: 
 That's a nice look. Thanks for the replies everyone. I think that would look good with burgundy too. 
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