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Anyone tried their closing stock sale for $19.99? how is the fabric quality?
Polyester makes the cotton fabric a bit wrinkle resistant and cheaper in cost  
3rd Option has No Objection Certificate :)
Do they have any website and what is their price? i am currently looking for some good MTM shirts as OTR does not fit me well. I am a thin guy for them.
It is not always a person who inspires you but the dress up most of the time do the magic spell on you.
I bought one from Dockers and one from BB but don't know if they are still offering these anymore.  
You can wear top sider instead of these shoes and you will be rocking the fashion floor. You can check the beach style preference and they look fabulous.
Light weight canvas pants which actually rocked in 2010 are also good option as substitute for denim. They were rocking in 2010 and i personally bought 3 colors Navy, Olive and khakis and still wear them most. Now a days it is very hard to find one of those but i  feel very good choice.
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