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I was wondering how big a cufflink can get before being considered obscene or gaudy. If any of you know the precise measurements of your largest pair of cufflinks, that'd be appreciated. Would you draw the line at an inch by inch or is that too big?
Saw this on Kickstarter.         Would you wear it? Lazy as I am, I don't think I would-- just because people would see you wearing the same shirt three or four days a week. Also, there's an ick factor that can't be entirely reassured away by science...
I am a high school senior going off to college in the fall. I dress poorly and would like to rectify this.    I intend to major in commerce (with a concentration in management) and perhaps computer science, and am currently laying the foundation for a start-up idea I had. I'm trying to dress better because of something I heard while listening to Edward Hess' lectures on growing a business: he said that you have to grow as your company grows, and I realized that a...
New Posts  All Forums: