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I tried beatboxing a few days ago, and here are my "mad skills".  
I have been working on a screenplay about a cop who plays by his own rules. It is titled Maul, and here is a sample.
Was anyone a fan of this great band? They only released two singles and were dropped, which left me feeling quite sad at the time.  
I was helping my girlfriend's parents out today on their farm, so I kind of smell of shit atm.
I recently attempted to purchase some new clothes from my local bargain store, but I found myself distracted too easily as they don't just sell clothes. I bought a broken keyboard and then also somehow ended up deciding to buy a kneeboard.   When I did buy some clothes I think I spent too much and felt like I had been swindled and, as the kids would say, "pimped". How do I retain focus on getting bargain clothes and stop getting tricked by a business?
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