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Hey guys   Just really curious on how you should properly wear the RL big pony custom fits. Do you have to tuck it all in or you can just tuck the front of the polo? (Just like the ones in the RL site)   Thanks :)
Hey guys! Would like to hear your opinion about these if they're authentic or not :)              
Hi, what T-shirt and shoes that looks good on a pair of white jeans with a grayish fade?
Does anyone here know any sites or forums that authenticate luxury clothing?
This is the first item that I bought from the net and I just want to know if they're real or not thats all
Really? I didn't know that Actually I'm having mix emotions if the jacket is real or not because the stitches on the two tags are bothering me.. But the quality of the jacket is great it feels real. I'm just hoping that its not one of those well made fakes
Can someone authenticate these for me? :)                  
Can someone suggest forum/s that authenticate any luxury clothing such as Prada, Gucci, etc. because I really would like to have a Prada jacket authenticated before I buy it from my buddy. 
                      Please help me authenticate this jacket. Btw, if you guys can pls suggest other forums that authenticate luxury clothings, I would really appreciate it :)
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