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Sorry for my poor English and I should have written "a reasonable amount of Kiwi polish on the left shoe".The shoes for the experiment was polished by Mr. Matsumoto who was a shoeshiner at Hotel Okura Tokyo.
I haven't used glycerine saddle soap, but Lexol cleaner is not greasy. Does glycerine saddle soap contain too much glycerine? (For example, a pharmacist recommends 3% of glycerine and 4% of betaine for a homemade skin lotion.)
Belvoir Tack Conditioner Spray contains coconut oil and glycerin. They say "Glycerine - fills and seals any pores in the leather; forms a barrier against salt, dirt, grease and water".http://www.carrdaymartin.co.uk/product_details.html?cid=MQ==&pid=MTA=Glycerin is a moisturizing agent like lanolin and Lexol cleaner contains it not to dry up leather.
Yes and they say it means breathability and comfortableness.
Below would be one pea size dab.http://www.boq.jp/shoes/shoecare/05/index.htmThe following experiment was done by NHK (Japan's national public broadcasting organization). (Unfortunately youtube is a dead link. http://www.wretch.cc/blog/yisa/5817042)An excessive amount of Kiwi polish was applied on the right shoe (red label), a minimum amount of Kiwi polish on the left shoe (blue label).After 5 min jogging, both shoes were put into a plastic box and humidity inside each...
A dictionary for conservators says "cedarwood oil provides protection against mold growth and insect attack".http://cool.conservation-us.org/don/dt/dt2026.html
I could find "The flexibility of finishing", but unfortunately this was not a straight/proper answer.http://www.tfl.com/web/eng/thema-1_33648.aspxMy hypothesis is like this. A black calf is usually a box calf which is glazed/heavily pressed with a glazing jack, so it has a tight/hard grain. On the other hand, a brown calf is usually unglazed burnished/milled calf, so it has a soft grain. A tight/hard grain might be fragile compared to a soft grain. Besides, hard carnauba...
I'm curious about what kind of oils (& waxes) Horween applies on shell.http://www.selectism.com/2012/05/04/inside-horween-leather-shot-by-nick-horween/"Vegetal tanned" is not in ASTM D1517-06 Standard Terminology Relating to Leather and DICTIONARY of terms used in the HIDES, SKINS, AND LEATHER TRADE, so it seems not to be a technical term.BTW, here are examples of natural and chemical materials for shoe...
I read "functional", but it was too abstract for me to understand. Now I understand discussion here with the author is essential for you.My view is this: When I read your opinion quoted by someone on another forum, if its source is given, its credibility isn't lost. I think non-experts may have a conversation with experts but that non-experts cannot have a discussion with experts, so I accept inconsistent experts' opinions as they are. You may think I denied your opinion,...
I'm anonymous, but owner of each excerpt isn't. I don't understand why this is problematic.Of course I know, so I wrote this thread, not my thread.
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