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Is Michigan Relative Humidity Map true?http://www.usairnet.com/weather/maps/current/michigan/relative-humidity/Unless your garage is air-conditioned, high relative humidity is dangerous for leather.
Both have no stitching on the tongues and are fully unlined loafers.
Here is some information.For example, chrome tanned leather needs to be retanned to emboss it, because it has less plasticity. Some retanning agents may improve the tensile and tear strength, while I don't have the direct evidence.Chrome tanned leather has better breathability and anti-mold property, which would be an advantage.http://archive.org/details/jresv44n4p347The lower leather is Chromexcel which is heavily vegetable retanned. The color of the cross section looks...
The older shell is, the thicker it is usually.http://cobbler.txt-nifty.com/blog/2013/01/winter-gift-74b.html(The poster above, cloudylemonade, is the daughter of the founder of Aero leather.)
I think the American also do experiments.http://www.astm.org/Standards/leather-standards.htmlBox calf is a leather tanned only with chromium salts, while some leathers are retanned with vegetable and/or synthetic tanning agents.Thank you. Are petroleum distillates dehydrogenated by ultraviolet and/or heat of sunlight?
In 1997, Prof. Tsunoda examined chemical analysis values (water content, total ash content, chromium content, etc.), mechanical properties (thickness, tensile strength, tear strength, etc.), and physical properties (water resistance, water vapor permeability, water absorbency, etc.) of calfskins and steerhides used for shoe uppers. http://www.hikaku.metro.tokyo.jp/images/pdf/121pdf/04.pdf http://www.hikaku.metro.tokyo.jp/images/pdf/122pdf/03.pdf I excerpted water...
cgo, Probably you can get in touch with him https://www.facebook.com/ryota.hayafuji
I have used a cheaper delicate cream once.http://www.riderbootshop.com/saphir-creme-delicate-50ml/Japanese agency says it contains jojoba oil, no solvents, and no mink oil, so it would be cheaper than the square jar. It seemed to contain little wax, smelled like something sweet. I feel Lexol conditioner is enough, but it would be worth trying. Here is a demonstration.http://item.rakuten.co.jp/primeavenue/879030/
Please avoid fats/oils with high iodine value and poorly refined fats/oils to prevent oxidation and greasy/sticky products not to impair air permeability and collect dust...like this...http://books.google.com/books?id=SGOmAAAAIAAJ&lpg=PP1&pg=PA15#v=onepage&q&f=falseFluoropolymers are more powerful than silicones, but they are not as durable as silicones because those on leather are taken away by friction. Please make sure not to inhale...
I think so, too. Unopened silicone oils contain little or no impurity, but our hands would put impurities in it.Permeability coefficient is defined by Diffusion coefficient times Solubility coefficient (P=DS), which is derived from Fick's laws of diffusion. Permeability coefficient (or flux) can be measured by experiment.Here is "Oxygen Permeability through Silicone Liquid Membranes" (I am sorry, in Japanese). This paper says the lower molecular mass or viscosity silicone...
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