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Mr.Matsuzaki, who was publisher of Esquire Japan, founded his company around 2005. New Last is published by this company.http://www.webchronos.net/Mr.Sugawara(below) was editor-in-chief of old Last from vol.1 through vol.13, and he is now editor-in-chief of new Last.http://openers.jp/fashion/flagship/john_lobb/photo_capitalcollection_party.htmlwurger, sure thing!
It was Regal's patent and the link is http://www.google.com/patents/US2008237That is P.76 of LAST Vol.6 published by Esquire Japan in 2005. The monks are Cortay's bespoke shoes.
These C&J benchgrades, sold by A Fine Pair of Shoes a few years ago, are factory seconds. These natural marks can be concealed with pigments, and low-priced makers prefer pigmented leathers because dress shoes are required to look perfect in the market.
Yes, but this break-in method is for new shoes. Please don't squash a toe box.
To that end, pigmented leathers are made! Roughly speaking, there are 3 kinds of leathers; aniline leathers, burnished leathers(unfinished leathers which are finished by shoe factories), and pigmented leathres. Allen Edmonds says 6-7 pairs per a piece of calfskin(http://vimeo.com/4814754, around 09:10), and I think Allen Edmonds uses pigmented leathers.
Here is another moc toe stitching. Are these also Edward Green?
I bet on Trickers. If AS, they should write "Made in Northamptonshire" or "Made in Rushden".
Here is an experiment concerning the difference of neutral water-based creams.
The test was done by Helge Sternke(nach Sternke) and I suppose the picture is reprinted from his book.http://www.schuhbuch.de/03.00.htmI feel it is hard to discriminate the depth of each black, especially because diffuse reflection occurs on the surface of Diamant. So, I meant to suggest a simple test, which is done with the same amount and the same pressure. Sorry for my insufficient reply.As for dyes and pigments, I think you know the difference between aniline dyed...
Sorry. I used Google Translate.Yes, they do not sell conditioner.http://www.der-feine-auftritt.de/en/Shoe-Care-Products/Shoe-wax-Polish-Shoe-cream?cat=5&sort=&XTCsid=b46ea2b7e9ae23a0eb33420d709579f5&filter_id=1I think "Aqueous formula" means water based.http://www.valmour.com/cleaning-products/leather-renovator-saphir-medaille-dor,522Renovator may contain some solvent, but Renovator NAPPA says "without addition of...
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