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you're right, thank youhttp://mishoecare.exblog.jp/20294450
Here are an original and its replica. Foster gets a passing mark...??http://cobblersweb.style.coocan.jp/bespoke/bespoke-shoemaker2/foster&son.htmhttp://cobblersweb.style.coocan.jp/foster&son01/count100-top.htm
You mean a construction?It is called Opanka named after Opanak (Serbian moccasin).http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=580121262002346&set=a.130968203584323.23099.130965883584555&type=1http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OpanakI guess the rolled-up outsole would be an arch support.
because it is difficult to hold a pair in one hand...?
Like this? - Topy plus leather patchhttp://shoeoflife.blogspot.com/2013/03/blog-post_29.htmlhttp://ameblo.jp/shoerepair-gentille/entry-11373883826.html
Light-Fastness Testing
I don't have the technique, but John Lobb Paris (Ilcea's Radica) and Weston (Annonay's Vocalou) sell it.It is my understanding that patina means shading.
Here are shoes with so-called bronzed antique patina.
Celadon and d13jd13, thank you!
I recommend soft/hard wax, because Montana may make an oil stain.Saphir Renovateur (shoe cream) water-soluble no water resistantSaphir MDO Pommadier Creme 1925 (soft polish) oil-soluble moderate water resistantshoe polish (hard polish) oil-soluble moderate water resistantMontana Pitch-Blend Leather Dressing oil-soluble best water resistantYes, a brush is useful for even spreading.I suppose an oil/ink stain must be removed, but a water stain does not necessarily need to be...
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