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Here are shoes with so-called bronzed antique patina.
Celadon and d13jd13, thank you!
I recommend soft/hard wax, because Montana may make an oil stain.Saphir Renovateur (shoe cream) water-soluble no water resistantSaphir MDO Pommadier Creme 1925 (soft polish) oil-soluble moderate water resistantshoe polish (hard polish) oil-soluble moderate water resistantMontana Pitch-Blend Leather Dressing oil-soluble best water resistantYes, a brush is useful for even spreading.I suppose an oil/ink stain must be removed, but a water stain does not necessarily need to be...
Sure. What is better?
Didn't Saphir Medium Brown work out well for the color fading?Perhaps, if you rub hard. Here is a demonstration of rubbing Handgrade burnished calf with water, acetone, and a kind of solvent.http://www.newsaboutshoes.de/showthread.php?s=6cc0a2bd3daf7db5a80d9e888500b29c&p=14731#post14731
Here is how to grade by Hewit & Sons.I have heard tanneries do not usually sell only 1st grade to distributors. When a distributor order 10 pieces, some tanneries sell 5 pieces of 1st grade and 5 pieces of 2nd grade, for example. Of course, you can choose 1st or 2nd at a distributor.
Did you buy the above? Hooked or knobbed trees are easily pulled rather than that.http://www.dunkelman.com/products.php?categoryid=2http://www.springline.net/shoe-trees.htmBTW, RTW shoemakers except Saint Crispin don't make shoe trees as well as polish/cream, and only Saint Crispin and Edward Green sell lasted shoe trees which fit each size & last, AFAIK.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8AydgnP3XnQhttp://www.edwardsofmanchester.co.uk/lasted-shoe-trees.html
I hope this helps.(for work boots)
It is the flesh side. I just introduced it to those who haven't seen it. I know you are a bespoke bootmaker.Yes I know, but I am confused why you started talking about outsole/insole leather, not shoe upper leather.I am not an expert, so I quoted only from experts such as a leather buyer, a saddler and a leather chemist. If my opening postings are wrong, it means the experts are wrong.
Here are veins on a sole bend.They say veins are due to insufficient bleeding or traces of dissolved blood vessels.How about Russell Moccasin's bullhide, which is used for the Snake Boots? Do you think it is not real bullhide?
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