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I don't have the technique, but John Lobb Paris (Ilcea's Radica) and Weston (Annonay's Vocalou) sell it.It is my understanding that patina means shading.
Here are shoes with so-called bronzed antique patina.
Celadon and d13jd13, thank you!
I recommend soft/hard wax, because Montana may make an oil stain.Saphir Renovateur (shoe cream) water-soluble no water resistantSaphir MDO Pommadier Creme 1925 (soft polish) oil-soluble moderate water resistantshoe polish (hard polish) oil-soluble moderate water resistantMontana Pitch-Blend Leather Dressing oil-soluble best water resistantYes, a brush is useful for even spreading.I suppose an oil/ink stain must be removed, but a water stain does not necessarily need to be...
Sure. What is better?
Didn't Saphir Medium Brown work out well for the color fading?Perhaps, if you rub hard. Here is a demonstration of rubbing Handgrade burnished calf with water, acetone, and a kind of solvent.http://www.newsaboutshoes.de/showthread.php?s=6cc0a2bd3daf7db5a80d9e888500b29c&p=14731#post14731
Here is how to grade by Hewit & Sons.I have heard tanneries do not usually sell only 1st grade to distributors. When a distributor order 10 pieces, some tanneries sell 5 pieces of 1st grade and 5 pieces of 2nd grade, for example. Of course, you can choose 1st or 2nd at a distributor.
Did you buy the above? Hooked or knobbed trees are easily pulled rather than that.http://www.dunkelman.com/products.php?categoryid=2http://www.springline.net/shoe-trees.htmBTW, RTW shoemakers except Saint Crispin don't make shoe trees as well as polish/cream, and only Saint Crispin and Edward Green sell lasted shoe trees which fit each size & last, AFAIK.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8AydgnP3XnQhttp://www.edwardsofmanchester.co.uk/lasted-shoe-trees.html
I hope this helps.(for work boots)
It is the flesh side. I just introduced it to those who haven't seen it. I know you are a bespoke bootmaker.Yes I know, but I am confused why you started talking about outsole/insole leather, not shoe upper leather.I am not an expert, so I quoted only from experts such as a leather buyer, a saddler and a leather chemist. If my opening postings are wrong, it means the experts are wrong.
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