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The Japanese doesn't have a custom to eat veal. Wagyu is steers or heifers and Matsusaka beef is only heifers.Japanese tanneries import rawhide for calfskin or kipskin from Europe, AFAIK. I suspect they import the remainder of European tanneries.
The older wrapping paper without Prince Charles' warrant (before 70s?) says:"Chas. Moykopf Ltd., F. G. Buhl Ltd., Craig & Davies, and Joseph Box.Nikolaus Tuczek, Codner, Coombs & Dobbie, Smith & Hook, Knowles." Maxwell absorbed Faulkner & Son and Thomas.John Lobb PriceLIFE 1944 9 guineas ($38.17)LIFE 1945 9 guineas ($38)LIFE 1946 £11 15s ($47)LIFE 1947 £11 11s ($46.6)
Me, too.Shell wasn't an expensive material, was it?,1819820I didn't notice at all! Alden has horn.I suppose that French Shriner is around 1960s―1970s.
These don't seem like military-issued shoes because of the absence of a contract number, but I was very surprised and this may be the first and last time to find military-style shoes made of shell. Does anyone know whether these are USMC-style civilian goods?
I cited Vegano as an example of burnishing leather and didn't intend to write the boots were made of Vegano. Don't you call this shading burnishing?Here is a factory tour at Annonay just for reference.Neither do I.
It is called burnishing/crust leather and almost always finished/polished by shoemakers.
Are your shoes X765 or 765?I gather a factory of cordovan shoes was changed from Church/Cheaney to Alden around the (late) 1970s.Here are shell wingtip oxfords "X764" stamped "MADE IN GREAT BRITAIN" on the sock & the outsole.Here are shell PTBs "X765" stamped "MADE IN GREAT BRITAIN" on the sock & the outsole and calf PTBs "X816R" stamped "MADE IN ENGLAND" on the sock & the outsole. X765: X816R: are calf wingtip...
I'm deeply sorry for your loss and looking forward to the launch of the website. Banisters are one of the hardest to find. Newark, N.J., illustrated. (1893) The industrial interests of Newark, N. J. (1874)
My intention was resale price in Japan. So, wholesale price (thru ebay) would be around $100 to $300.For example, old Church's prices last 3 months at a Japanese auction: These are around 70s. If you buy from the same person, other shoes would be 70s. Your Alan McAfee was made by Church's. The sizes range 6 to 8 are ideal for the Japanese market and they will be sold around $300 to $700. (Canadian shoemakers are less popular.) For example, sold for 68,250 yen.
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