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They are US 7 1/2 C. I think BB uses 0 instead of a dash (–).
I've been googling on the original of slip-ons, so-called Norwegian peasant shoes, and found out what looks like it, but Google Translate from Norwegian into English doesn't work at all! I'd like to know who wrote www.aurdalen.com and a relationship between Nils Tveranger (a founder of Aurlandskoen) and Gustav Nesbø. Could someone who can read Norwegian tell me whether they are mentioned?This picture is "Aurlandssko, Date: 1945 to 1960", a collection of National Library of...
I've just noticed Last magazine's website. http://www.lastmagazine.jp/en/
The Japanese doesn't have a custom to eat veal. Wagyu is steers or heifers and Matsusaka beef is only heifers.Japanese tanneries import rawhide for calfskin or kipskin from Europe, AFAIK. I suspect they import the remainder of European tanneries.
The older wrapping paper without Prince Charles' warrant (before 70s?) says:"Chas. Moykopf Ltd., F. G. Buhl Ltd., Craig & Davies, and Joseph Box.Nikolaus Tuczek, Codner, Coombs & Dobbie, Smith & Hook, Knowles."http://forthediscerningfew.com/2011/11/21/john-lobb-bootmaker-part-i/Henry Maxwell absorbed Faulkner & Son and Thomas.John Lobb PriceLIFE 1944 9 guineas ($38.17)LIFE 1945 9 guineas ($38)LIFE 1946 £11 15s ($47)LIFE 1947 £11 11s ($46.6)
Me, too.Shell wasn't an expensive material, was it?http://news.google.com/newspapers?id=w2ZSAAAAIBAJ&sjid=4XwDAAAAIBAJ&pg=1970,1819820I didn't notice at all! Alden has horn.I suppose that French Shriner is around 1960s―1970s.
These don't seem like military-issued shoes because of the absence of a contract number, but I was very surprised and this may be the first and last time to find military-style shoes made of shell. Does anyone know whether these are USMC-style civilian goods?
I cited Vegano as an example of burnishing leather and didn't intend to write the boots were made of Vegano. Don't you call this shading burnishing?Here is a factory tour at Annonay just for reference.Neither do I.
It is called burnishing/crust leather and almost always finished/polished by shoemakers.
Are your shoes X765 or 765?I gather a factory of cordovan shoes was changed from Church/Cheaney to Alden around the (late) 1970s.Here are shell wingtip oxfords "X764" stamped "MADE IN GREAT BRITAIN" on the sock & the outsole.Here are shell PTBs "X765" stamped "MADE IN GREAT BRITAIN" on the sock & the outsole and calf PTBs "X816R" stamped "MADE IN ENGLAND" on the sock & the outsole. X765: https://archive.today/H7yUE X816R: https://archive.today/ezhSyHere are calf wingtip...
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