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Given Ashby XS, and Bedale SL in 34" and 36", would the sizing go SL 34" < Ashby XS < SL 36" < Ashby S?
Sorry I haven't been able to read all the posts in this thread, but has anyone experienced this kind of issue with their boots? It seems like the coloring/leather on my shoe is rubbing off. Anyway to fix or remedy this? I've only had these boots for roughly 1 month.
What would be the best place to learn more about the different cuts and styles of suits? For example padded vs soft shoulders, lapel size, suit length, etc.   I'm sure I could read about all the differences, but I would also like to feel the differences in person so I can figure out which I like best.   I would feel a bit weird if I went to a store and had a professional measure and explain all the differences when I had no intention to purchase from him/her. I...
I'm graduating from college next month and feel it's a good time to buy my first well tailored suit. I will be traveling this summer and will have access to tailors in SF, NYC, and parts of Asia (Hong Kong, Thailand, Korea)   I've been reading a lot of previous posts about well reviewed tailors, but it's hard to figure out which one will be best for me, so I thought I would make my own post.   The only suit I have right now is an OTR 36R from H&M that I throw on...
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