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Dog collar my Rotty has been wearing for about 8 months
Bracelet 6 months wear next to new. worn everyday plus lots of sun
    Made a new belt last night from 12 oz Wickett and Craig. Think I like this simple heavy belt
I dont do any dyeing yet. and prolly will not. will hit you up when im ready! thanks a bunch
10-12 actually sounds great for me! I just cant find any quality 10-12 near me. best I can find is a  euro single bend 8-9 oz  
got the oval punch and I love it! makes the belt sit real smooth! any suggestions on where to buy 12-14 oz veg tanned for making belts?
Been working hard to make my stuff look better! tell me what ya think?\ Mens 1 3/4 garrison belt shown also with roller buckle key hanger and bracelets 1/2 inch wide in 9-10 veg
would like to see some of both
Any info on where to get 1 3/4 buckles would be greatly appreciated?
Some work from over the weekend First pics are a OGL inspired key holster Below is a 10 oz veg tanned belt I made for my lady
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