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  Thanks for the reply!  So by walking 15 minutes indoors the cork bump should disappear that quickly?  I feel a small bump in the right shoe, but its just more pronounced in the left.  Assuming it is just the cork then it'll just eventually even out as they get broken in?
So I picked up a pair of dark brown Park Aves seconds in 10D during their current tent sale.  I'm fine with the shoes as the blemish is on the inner side on the sole.  However, when I tried on the shoes the right one felt perfect, but the left shoe felt as if there was a small mound in the middle of the ball of my left foot.  Normally, I'd say this is due to the shoe, but I had a pair of New Balance sneakers do this to me too to the left foot.   My question is would...
The pricing went back up to 2 for $1699 so two 1818 suits will cost $1189
Are there other avenues I should be looking in that 500-600ish price range? 
This helps a lot since I thought maybe the bad TaT stores were due to the variance in measurements.  It definitely seems like BB is the favored pick.  
Hey guys,   Long time lurker first time poster.  I've been pushing off getting legit suits for far too long and looking to build with the standard grey and navy suits.  I know BB has F&F coming and also 30% corporate sale on May 22.  The corporate sale takes the 2 for $1699 down to $595 before tax per suit.  TaT starts at $480.  I'm aware of the main differences between the two styles and construction, but TaT isn't available for a fitting until after the corporate...
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