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  Thanks guys!
  You have a good eye for those things, because what you say about my trapezius muscles is true, mine are very well developed (for some reason they develop easier than most other muscles). And the thing about my shoulder is true aswell, there is a slight difference in both my shoulders because I injured my right shoulder badly in karate lessons a few years back. I have tried correcting it with weight lifting but I think there will always be a slight difference because of...
Thanks Aren't you exaggerating a bit? I don't think I look cartoonish in the suit. And I train both my rear, side and front deltoids regularly, so I don't think that's the problem.
I'm still very happy with the suit, I've had many compliments on it, and now that it's tailored I love it. I don't think the shoulders are too wide, I read that to check if they are you should lean against the wall, and your own shoulders should touch the wall before the padding, which is the case with this suit.   I appreciate the advice though, because you probably know more about it than me and are trying to help, so thanks.
I see :P   Here are some more new pictures from the suit.   Front to show the new length of the pants. Also a funny story, I noticed there were still 2 pieces of plastic in the collar of the shirt, which probably caused the collar to look so tight before, I removed them and now it looks a bit better.     Side view as requested (notice the shadow makes it look like the jacket sticks out more than it really does).     And the back of the suit to show the length of the...
Haha no problem, yes I have bought the suit already, and it is a darkblue navy color ;)  
Why is everyone talking about suit colors all of a sudden? :S
Thanks Yeah I'm beginning to understand that now, I will make sure I get it all right eventually ;) I hadn't thought about it that way :) The shirt is kind of tight around the neck yes, I will look into getting another shirt that doesn't have the collar point problem.
And here I was thinking I would just by a suit and and I would be done , I'm finding out there really is alot to learn, before a suit is worn properly, but I don't mind ;)   This might sound stupid but what exactly is a dimple, and how do I create one? I changed the tie to a four in a hand knot btw.   Appreciate all the help.
Haha is the half windsor really that bad? I kinda like the way it looks because it's symmetrical. Can you explain what you mean with the shirt filling the space between the lapels? Yeah I also thought the sleeves were a tad too short but I need to wear the suit on thursday so there was no more time. When I get back I will get the sleeves lengthened a bit.
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