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It's true, most Japanese companies make shoes up to size 10 / 28 cm at largest.  The average is in the 7-9 range.  It's practically impossible for me to find my size (10.5-11.5, depending on what shoe/boot we're talking about) in Japan.
I lol'd.   Seriously though, if y'all haven't noticed, Self Edge focuses on Japanese brands with an American flavor.  Many of BiG's brands have a decidedly more Japanese character, like Momotaro, PBJ, Samurai, etc.  So it's not guaranteed that he'd stock all of them even if BiG didn't, they don't necessarily fit in with the store's flavor.
Yesterday I visited Flat Head's store in Nagano City and tried on some of Viberg's short shift engineer boots (amazingly, they had them in my size): I was very impressed!  They looked great, were made great, and easy to get on and off (do not underestimate how important that last part is, if you live in Japan!)  Definitely think I'm going to get some of those for my next boots, probably in this really nice reddish-brown color they offer, with a #430 sole.  Stay tuned.
I thought Japan and Asia were roughly the biggest market for Viberg stuff?  There sure are a lot of sellers on Rakuten; searching on there, I see some weird stuff - like those 66 Hiker boots and Pachena Bay - but most of it looks pretty similar to what people are talking about on here; with the exception of the Japanese engineer and western short shift boots, those deserve more attention.   I was reading this article...
Thicker denim is not necessarily more durable.  The denim itself may be tougher, but the heavier the denim, the more stress it puts on the stitching, which can lead to tearing.  This is especially prevalent with heavyweight, all-cotton jeans (such as Samurai's heavyweight offerings.)    In this case, Iron Heart's denim may be more durable, but not necessarily because it's heavier in weight; if you're getting a pair made from sanforized denim it will last longer...
Interesting interview. I met Brett at Flat Head's expo in May, and talked to him for a bit.   I'm surprised that he's so hard on the Japan line.  A lot of guys who work for the company have the 87 Short Shift boot, which is a biker-style boot, not a work boot.  It looks great.  They also offer the 80 Western, which is absolutely gorgeous if you get it with something other than a crepe sole (I'd like to get one of these if I could ever figure out the sizing.)  I don't...
I know that I'm completely biased since I work for them and everything, but IMO Flat Head makes the best check and flannel shirts you can get (seems nobody in Japan uses the term "plaid.")  The fabrics, design, and construction are amazing. Of course, it's expensive, but I think it's worth the price when you'll be frequently wearing them for years to come.
You all know me as Cold Summer / Kyle@TFH on Superfuture.  I'm here to offer my support on Flat Head, R.J.B., and beyond.
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