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Sold. Classified closed.
Price drop,now: 450 $.
Price drop, now: 560 $.
Selling my new, never worn, ToJ Moto 2011 in Black Lamb ( super soft) with a 4 Pocket Front, Silver Zips.      These are the Measurements:   shoulders 19.0 chest (p2p) 23.5 midsection 22.0 waist 22.0 body length, front 23.5 body length, back 25.8 sleeve length, from shoulder 26.3 sleeve width @ pit 8.3 sleeve width @ elbow 6.8 sleeve width @...
Hi, i dont know if you are still selling, since you last posted so long ago, but if you are, im very interested. - Birdhunter
Hi, im wearing a APC Petit Standart 32 right now and a 34 in most of my other Jeans. Im thinking about buying the Weird Guy in Grey Selvedge, which size would you recommend (looking for a tight fit)?
Very, very bad Pic of my out of the Bag, BCDR in Black Heavy Calf Suede with Channel Quilt. Hoping to get some Pics in better Quality tomorrow.  
Could you provide measurements ?   Thanks
Hi everyone !   I have a Navy ToJ 2011 Peacoat in XL, looking for a L , PM me if interested !   ( This is the one I have;, )   Bird
Hi, are you still selling this bag ? Could you tell me how long it is and if the price includes shipping ?   Thanks   Bird
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