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Looks like early Brandelli, you're not going to do better than this.
Austin Reed Richard James collaboration piece. This is a 1 button suit in a soft Prince of Wales check pattern. Tagged size is 38r, pants 30R. I had this altered by my tailor. Pants were let out and hemmed. Jacket had more work done, shoulders were re-cut slightly as it seemed to fit wide. Styling is very Savile Row with 1 button closure, lightly hacked pockets and straight lapels. Condition is quite good. I wore this very rarely. The only noticeable flaw is a slight...
It's interesting seeing the direction Kilgour is going after waiting 7 years. The 2009 SS was the last collection shown before an ownership change that refocused on bespoke. I don't think it was produced, I have never seen any pieces. Things were becoming more directional here, and the lapel changes were probably the easiest guess as to what would happen if Brandelli ever came back. To me, the new look really cuts a lot of the social associations attached to 'wearing a...
I took your advice and bought a good blow dryer. My sides would stay back, however, as they over 6" long they would then bend and fall out of place in the back. Only a ton of product or clips would hold it in place. So I cut the sides far shorter, to a length I could never comb them back at... With the blowdryer, they now go back and stay in place. Also made my own product, as I cannot stand the added fragrance ALL commercial products have. It is just beeswax, silicon,...
All the cuts on your site have the sides very tight. What would you do to keep long sides in place on a straightback look?
Hello, Are there any better quality alternatives for sunglasses that provide full protection? I use Noir as they offer brow, side, and bottom coverage without limiting vision. They are also made of cheap plastic and could be styled sharper.
I've had these shoes for 5 years and they are still fresh. Here is how I clean them. Pull the laces, put them in boiling/hot water with oxygen bleach. Scrub the soles with a green scouring pad. For the sides, use a credit card inserted between the top lip of the sole and the leather, this blocks the leather and you can go hard with the scouring pad, everything will come out with enough time and force, the rubber will not be hurt. Using leather cleaner on a soft cloth, rub...
Kilgour Cashmere Jacket http://www.ebay.com/itm/KILGOUR-CASHMERE-JACKET-/330919794286?pt=UK_Men_s_Coats_Jackets&hash=item4d0c5b566e This should be styled somewhat street, the cashmere fabric giving contrast to bottom. Sweater or T or super crisp white for a shirt.
Valextra iPad Holder. #1 SF approved leather accessories brand. $220 Conus Navy calf with a pebbled finish. Excellent grain that has taken the dye very well, perfect stitching and edge finishing. Condition is as new with original box, tags, and screen cloth. I bought this first and then the iPad to go in it, iPad actually not very useful so I am selling.
Think these are Kilgour house altered tipped cuffs, I also use Andy.
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