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No way could I wear a bow tie.  On m  they look silly, and I feel dilly in them.  Three piece suits,no.  I feel and look great in them.
You do not have to be any particular age to wear a 3pc suit.  They look great on anyone, and I find the vest very comfortable. I have only three piece suits and I wear them whenever I can, which is any time I go out in public.  I feel I always look nice. I have pride in myself and in my appearance.  I get compliments daily.  If you feel like you might like to try a three piece but are afraid of the expense, there are plenty of them on eBay and in thrift stores at...
When I attend a similar  event I wear a well fitting navy blue suit, white shirt, blue tie with white dots, black shoes and socks along with a silver tie bar, a silver watch and a tie matching pocket square.  I never feel out of place.  Works for me.
New Posts  All Forums: