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Good Morning! May anyone please help me with the meaning of the "A" in a circle in the interior of trickers boots? Thanks!
Thank you Chowkin! Do you think these are quality shoes? Below some other pics.
Goog evening! May someone please help me with the pair in the photos below? Are these pre pradas? Do anyone know the models name and last? Thanks a lot! Thomas [IMG]ttp://
Hallo all! Sadly I have to let go my collection of MONSIEUR magazine italian edition because I have to move from my home. This collection starts from number 1 to the present issue, there are some magazine missing but all togheter these are 107 magazines with all attachments and extras. Hope someone can take care of them better that I may do in the future. If someone intetested please shot a pm. Thanks
Hello all! Is anyone intetested in a swap between red wings 877? I have a us 11,5 and I need an 11. Thanks!
Thank all for your answers! About sizing I would like to say that the down sizing tip do not work for me..I wear uk 10 in trickers stows and uk 10,5 in red wings 877.. One last thing, do anyone know what the soles in pictures below are? Vibram morflex maybe? Thanks
Thank you all! By now I have sent all pics to Red Wings Customer Service too, see attached their answer please. Thomas
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