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Finally somebody mentioned the rudeness of Crane. 
why can't people just accept the colour change? god.
the OP asked whether he should treat the outsoles. So i'm assuming he does not want to go for a topy. so let's assume that's the case, would you advise him to condition his outsoles?
 of course you need to treat the outsoles. After all, the outsoles are the part that will be in contact with the elements, unless you are walking on air
 Hey there striker (and to anybody else who might be interested) I contacted wolverine, and they too, requested that i send the shoes back for inspection. It's a definitely "no-go" for me because I stay in Asia and so I requested them to forward to horween. They have yet to reply though. I'll give them a few days more before i go andy dufresne on them. I bought my boots to a local cobbler and he said that for my case, it was because i applied too much leather creme. He...
 wow, there are quite a few different explanations for the bumps. dry rot, bacteria/fungi, moisture etc. i'll just wait and see what wolverine's reply will be. I really appreciate your help! thank you!
Agreed! i have some indigo bleeding from the raw denim to the boot. Any ideas on how to get rid of them? (but actually find the indigo bleed quite aesthetically pleasant). Just curious to know! 
yes i do! hmm but how does using shoes or not create this occurrence? 
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